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Jessica Simpson Uses An Ear Candle

Jessica get a really cool (aka – stupid and dangerous) gift for Christmas. It’s an ear candle.  What you do is take this hollow candle that is small enough on one end to stick in your ear.  Then you light … Continue reading

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CUFREE January 2010 Meeting

NOTE:  This information is about an event that is planned for Champaign Urbana Freethinkers in central Illinois.  The public is welcome, provided they can behave like an adult and not proselytize. Next meeting for Champaign Urbana Freethinkers is January 24th 1:30PM to 4:30 PM at the Urbana … Continue reading

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Creationism: A Cautionary Tale

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Pre Christmas Sales Up

NOTE:  This post is part of an ongoing education series.  This information is for educational purposes only.  This information does not constitute investment advice.  No rational person would make investment decisions based on a blog post.  Please consult with your financial advisor … Continue reading

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Indiana Governor Daniels Is A Maroon

Recently the Governor of the fine state of Indiana sat down for an interview.   (Special thanks to BlagHag)  Mr Daniels starts off ok…  I don’t talk about these things too openly for two reasons.One is [that] although faith is very central … Continue reading

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Homeopathy Is Evil

I recently came a across a product in a local drug store. I won’t say the name because I don’t want to give them any free press and I don’t want to get sued. You can find it or things like … Continue reading

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