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Former Christian Aplogizes!

Former Christian Apologizes for Being Such a Huge Shit Head for all Those Years A very nice post at “My sisters Farmhouse” Blog (tip to Friendly Atheist and A Doubters Ramblings)  here are a few samples…. 1.  I apologize to all the homosexuals. … Continue reading

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CUFREE February 2010 Events

Date:           Wednesday – February 3, 2010 What:            Skeptics at the Pub Time:            7:00 PM Location:    Esquire Lounge Inc                        106 N Walnut St                        Champaign, IL 61820 This is an opportunity to eat, drink, relax, and have some stimulating conversation with local skeptics and non-believers. … Continue reading

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Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual

Ted Haggard is in the news because his wife has come out with a new book. It appears that Ted’s therapy worked and he is now cured.  I guess it’s like faith, if you say it enough times it becomes … Continue reading

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Mr. Deity And The Promised Land

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Is Another Bubble About To Burst?

NOTE:  This post is part of an ongoing education series.  This information is for educational purposes only.  This information does not constitute investment advice.  No rational person would make investment decisions based on a blog post.  Please consult with your financial advisor … Continue reading

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James Randi Talkes About Bomb Detector

James Randi talks about Jim McCormick and his fake tool.  This guy made $85,000,000 by sell tools that kill soldiers.  I say they give him one of his tools and put him in the middle of a giant mine field.  If … Continue reading

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