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One Nation Under gOd? – Teacher Yells At 13 Year Old.

Just the other day I was talking to a friend (I will call him Bob) about the USA’s Pledge Of Allegiance.  Bob wanted to know why Atheists want to change the pledge.  Can’t we just leave it alone?  It’s part of … Continue reading

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Jenny McCarthy Lies About Autism.

New Time story on Jenny McCarthy and Autism. It is so sad.  I’m sure she means well and loves her son.  However, she can’t see past her own stupidity.  In desperation for hope she is hurting other mothers and children.  … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity And Mike Huckabee Are Douchebags!

(tip to Friendly Atheist) What a deluded psychotic rant.  Oh wait – it’s FOX. Rolled out the red carpet?  Atheists get 1 meeting with some white house aids and Fox freaks out. Just wait until 25% of the population is non believers. … Continue reading

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John Loftus And Dinesh D’sousa Debate Video

Here is the video of the debate!   Watch this part and then the next 12 on You Tube.

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Salvation Army May Not Proselytize

The NYCLU New York Civil Liberties Union has reached a settlement with the Salvation Army! The lawsuit was filed in 2004 after the Salvation Army required workers in government funded programs to sign a document that said they will “Preach the Gospel … Continue reading

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TAM8 The Amazing Meeting Now Open For Registration

You just gotta go.  This years goal 1,400 people! This is the skeptic event of the year!  I will be going and I hope that some of you can join me.  Events start Thursday and go until noon on Sunday.  … Continue reading

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