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Take This Online Bible Quiz – How Many Point Can You Get?

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Texas Immigration Poll

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From the state of Texas.

A Texas lawmaker has plans to introduce immigration legislation in Texas, similar to the controversial bill signed into law in Arizona last Friday. What do you think about the legislation? (NOTE: News 8 will not approve offensive or hateful comments.)


Let’s go give them a little love.

Health Guru Almost Killed By The All Natural And “Safe” Product He Created

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Tip to Dr. Steven Novella.

One Gary Null almost kills himself by taking the all natural supplement he created.

described on as “one of the nation’s leading promoters of dubious treatment for serious disease” – claims the manufacturer of Gary Null’s Ultimate Power Meal overloaded the supplements with Vitamin D.

The buff “Joy of Juicing” author, whose products include Red Stuff Powder and Gary Null’s Heavenly Hair Cleaner, claims he suffered kidney damage and was left bloodied and in intense pain from two daily servings of the supplement.

“Null continued to take the Ultimate Power Meal, all the while thinking that it would help him, and relieve his condition; instead, it made him worse,” the suit says.

Let’s see… 

A man that lies to the public about the safety of his product

takes his product as he recommends

gets very sick and almost dies

then sues the company that made it


“Even now, Null’s condition is questionable as he continues to occasionally urinate blood,” the suit says. “Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment for this as it is a matter of waiting, watching and observing what develops next.”

For years he has called Scientific Medicine a scam.  So what does he do when he gets really sick?  You guessed it – he goes to the hospital.

Boobquake – Follow Up Video Interview

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Noah’s Ark Has Been Found!

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Get the full story at Cosmic Log.

Here is a video….

“You have to take everything out of context except the Bible to get something tolerable, and they’re not even working much with the Bible,” said Paul Zimansky, an archaeologist and historian at Stony Brook University who specializes in the Near East – and especially the region around Ararat, known as Urartu.

Cornell archaeologist Peter Ian Kuniholm, who has focused on Turkey for decades, was even more direct – saying that the reported find is a “crock.”

The quest to find remnants of the Bible’s most famous cargo ship goes back to, well, virtually biblical times (or at least back to the time of the ancient historian Josephus). In the Book of Genesis, God tells Noah to build a boat that would be longer than a modern-day football field and more than three stories high. Animals were sent to seek shelter in the ship and ride out a flood that wiped out the entire world.

Zimansky points out that Genesis identifies the mountains of Urartu (a.k.a. Ararat) as the landing zone for the ark, but not a specific peak. Over the centuries, 16,946-foot Mount Ararat and the nearby boat-shaped Durupinar rock formation have emerged as the favored locales for ark-hunters. (Others, meanwhile, have looked for evidence of an ancient flood in Turkey’s Black Sea region or Iran.)

Boobquake On CNN

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