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US Market Segment Analysis 2010-03-31

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NOTE:  This post is part of an ongoing education series.  This information is for educational purposes only.  This information does not constitute investment advice.  No rational person would make investment decisions based on a blog post.  Please consult with your financial advisor before taking any action.  If you think it is OK to make investment decisions based on a blog post, then for the love of the FSM – Stop reading my blog.

Historically the US market is around 70% large cap, 20% mid cap and 10% small cap.  The market can also be divided as 50% Growth and 50% Value.  Mid and Small caps tend to provide slightly higher returns over long periods of time. (As always, past performance is no guarantee of future results).  However, they also tend to have volatility that is even higher.  Investments in Mid Cap and Small cap segments above market norms should be reserved for investors with higher than average risk / volatility tolerance. 

Below is the historical performance 6 US market segments.  I divide the US market this way to try and decide where to invest money.

Data as of 3/31/10

  12-Month Return 3-Year Average 5-Year Average 10-Year Average
Large Growth Average 48.51 -1.89 2.95 -2.36
Large Value Average 50.63 -5.94 1.31 3.34
Mid-Cap Growth Average 55.63 -2.16 4.00 -0.23
Mid-Cap Value Average 66.10 -3.98 3.45 7.66
Small Growth Average 59.16 -3.42 3.26 0.02
Small Value Average 71.38 -3.90 3.13 9.12


This is only one source of information I generally think of it as a contrarian indicator.  That is to say, the better one of the segments has done and the longer it has exceeded the long term mean the less desirous it is.  As can be seen above all six US segments are UP (way up) over the past 12 months.  This could be a small cause for concern.  However, if you look at the 3 year average, they are all negative so the market has not been running hot for years in a row.  The 12 month return only looks so good because the previous 2 years were so bad.  Over 3 and 5 year time frames the performance of each segment is about the same. (within a few percent of each other). 

The 10 year returns do seem to indicate under performance from growth investments with a stronger effect on Large cap vs. small cap and may indicate an opportunity.  On the other hand this could be a result of the dramatic losses suffered by these segments around 9 – 10 years ago after several years of dramatic and unsustainable growth.  This same long term situation existed 6 months ago.  So if you would have put all of your money in growth then you would have missed some of the returns that have occurred in the value segment.

Boobquake And Blag Hag (Jen McCreight) On Colbert Report

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Boobquake Day Causes Earthquake
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Barry Lynn Argues With Fox Host Laura Ingraham About Seperation.

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tip to Ron

How stupid can FOX people be?  Oh No….  meanies are picking on poor old Sarah Palin.  Mr. Lynn pull out facts and Ms. Ingraham starts making shit up. 

Keep religion out of church and out of my bedroom – yes. 

Ingraham pulls the poor christian card.  christians are picked on.  Oh please…  Can she shut up long enough to let him talk…  yikes…

Boobquake – Hey Jen, I know why it failed!

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Well folks it is Boobquake day.  It looks like a total failure.  Unless your goal was to see lots of cleavage photos. 

I know why it failed!  Jen, you must do this experiment one more time just to make sure!  The problem was that there was no focus.  That’s right just random partial nudity is not enough.  Just to be clear, I am not suggesting more nudity but more focus.  For any powerful weapon to work it has to have a target.  Jen… you did not pick a target.

If I may suggest, try it again with a specific target in mind.  I suggest the vatican.  Just big enough to open a path down to all of the secret child molestation documents.  Then you would be using this power for good.  Is there a better target – what are your thoughts?

Hitchens And A Rabbi Debate gOd! (video)

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The Rabbi starts off by saying that a 2 year old can’t really understand what it is like to be an adult.  Hey – I agree with him!  Then he says that a gOd would be infinity greater to an adult then the gap from 2 year old to adult.   WOW 2 right in a row.  The Rabbi also says that we can’t really understand the concept of gOd.  3 right.   However, he then goes on to tell us about gOd – argggg….. 

How Do You Offend The Pope? Child Rape – NO. Aids – NO. Tell A Joke – YES!

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Thousands of kids raped and sodomized over several decades does not seem to bother the pope.  Millions dying from Aids – who cares.  Even the threat of arrest holds no sway.  However, now the line has been crossed.  Someone has created a “schedule” of what the pope could do while in Britain.  A list of things that would make the world a better place.  Sadly, they all seem to go against everything the church stands for.  Here is the list….

  • Launch of ‘Benedict’ condoms
  • Review of Vatican attitude on condom use
  • Bless a civil partnership
  • Reversal of policy on women bishops/ordain woman
  • Open an abortion ward
  • Speech on equality
  • Statemen on views over adoption (change of stance)
  • Training course for all bishops on child abuse allegations
  • Harder line on child abuse—announce sacking of dodgy bishops
  • Vatican sponsorship for network of AIDS clinics
  • Meet young unemployed people
  • Apologize for… …
  • Canonise/pseudo canonise a group
  • Announce whistle blowing system for child abuse cases
  • Go to job centre
  • Debate on abortion
  • All catholic schools should be free entry to all
  • Speech on democracy
  • Vatican and C of E funded committee on dialogue
  • Launch helpline for abused children
  • So….  What do you think.  Which is your favorite?  What would you add?

    Well… Now the Pope is PISSED!  He may even cancel his trip to Britain.  If the British do not bow down and kiss his ring.  Oh  gasp – I may get the vapors…..  What will the British do if they aren’t forced to spend millions of Pounds to pamper the pope on his holiday?

    One highly-placed source in the Vatican said: “This could have very severe repercussions and is embarrassing for the British government – one has to question whether the action taken is enough.

    “It is disgusting. Britain’s ambassador to the Holy See has been in to see the Secretary of State and explain what happened and this will all be relayed to the Pope.

    “It’s even possible the trip could be cancelled as this matter is hugely offensive.”

    Cardinal Renato Martino, the former head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said: “The British government has invited the Pope as its guest and he should be treated with respect.

    “To make a mockery of his beliefs and the beliefs of millions of Catholics not just in Britain but across the world is very offensive indeed.”

    “hugely offensive”???  Well I say the pope can pound sand!  They should tell him to stay home and get his own house in order.  Child Rape is hugely offensive! 

    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.  Matthew 7:5

    The British government is now saying sorry.   WHAT???

    The Foreign Office responded by sending Francis Campbell, the British ambassador to the Vatican, to an urgent meeting with senior officials of the Holy See, and said the “foolish document” had not been cleared or shown to ministers or senior officials before it was circulated.

    A spokesman added that “many of the ideas in the document are clearly ill-judged, naïve and disrespectful” and the department was “deeply sorry for the offence which it has caused”.

    How very sad.