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That Mitchell And Webb Look – Abraham And Isaac

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City Of Lakeland Raids Atheist’s Home And Make Arrest

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Previously a member of the Atheists of Florida was arrested for disturbing a meeting that had not started.  Prior to that they were thrown out of a meeting for wearing offensive shirts.  The shirts had an image of a flag and said, “one nation, indivisible”.  Now the city has sent the police to a members home and had her pulled out and arrested.  Why?  Because she put the letters “esq.” after her name.  She is charged with the unauthorized practice of law.

The affidavit says Ann Gibson, the sheriff’s legal affairs coordinator, had been under the impression Wachs was a licensed lawyer based on the manner in which Wachs wrote her letters, the way Wachs cited statute and case law opinions and by saying she was “representing” the Atheists of Florida.

Under the impression?  We can now go hunt down and arrest atheist if we have a hunch that they may be too smart?

Lakeland Mayor Gow Fields also provided the State Attorney’s Office with a sworn statement, the affidavit says.

It revolved around a heated discussion during a meeting that included Wachs. In it, Wachs argued invocations at city commission meetings were unconstitutional.

“It was at this point in the meeting that Ms. Wachs informed Mayor Fields that she should know because she is an attorney and that if he and the city did not comply with the request to remove prayer from the commission meeting they would sue the City of Lakeland,” according to the court papers.

uh oh… she said she was an attorney.  Oh wait she was an attorney.

Kieffer said Wachs is not the group’s lawyer and denied she had worked for the group in that capacity.

“She’s trained as an attorney, went to school. But she doesn’t practice here,” he said.

“She is not paid a penny; we’re all volunteers. She’s not practicing any more than I’m practicing law.”

I hope they sue the city into the stone age.

Ricky Gervais In Rolling Stone

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I love me some Ricky.  Now he is in Rolling Stone.  Here is a small tease….

In the new issue of Rolling Stone – on newsstands and in the digital archive starting April 1 – Ricky Gervais sets the record straight about his controversial Golden Globes monologue. “If you can’t tease the richest, most powerful people in the world, who can be the butt of your jokes?'” he asks contributing editor Eric Hedegaard. “It was six or seven one-liners, throwaways I wrote in an hour. It was nothing. Let’s go through them one by one. Johnny Depp wasn’t offended. I’ve spoken to him about five times since. Hugh Hefner tweeted he wasn’t offended. I can’t imagine Bruce Willis being offended. I did nothing wrong. I know I didn’t!”

He made the Golden Globed funny.  Let’s have him back.

Here is a show with Ricky from a few years ago.  Watch it while you wait for Rolling Stone.

The Majesty of Atheism – A Reading By Richard Dawkins

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Mr. Deity And The After Party

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Atheist To Run For Congress

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via Friendly Atheist.

Cecil Bothwell ran for an office and did not hide that he was an atheist.  Here is what Rachel Maddow had to say at the time.

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Now Cecil Bothwell wants to run for congress.

I herewith declare my candidacy for the United States Congress in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District. This decision was jump-started by recent events in both the Buncombe County Democratic Party and Congress.

I can’t wait for the shit to hit the fan.