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All Time Low Concert – Chicago IL

Friday at 1:17 PM I picked my daughter up from school and we started our drive to the Congress Theater in Chicago to see All Time Low.  This was one of many stops on the Dirty Work Tour.  The tour … Continue reading

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Dr. Novella Invites Dr. Oz To Be On Skeptics Guide To The Universe

Via Neurologica Blog. In follow up to my recent appearance on the Dr. Oz show, I am extending an open invitation to Dr. Oz to continue our conversation. He can either engage in a written exchange on science-based medicine, or … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz Is A Quack

Dr. Oz is pushing bad medicine and people can get hurt.  For a change he has a real science based doctor on his show.  Dr. Novella is part of a team that does the Skeptics Guide To The Universe Podcast.  … Continue reading

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I Get Mail – Abortion Edition!

A few weeks ago, I made the mistake of trying to have a rational discussion with some abortion protesters.  The awful arguments floored me, so I made a post of it.  I never thought I would find a topic where … Continue reading

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I Love This Man!

Bernie Sanders on Jon Stewart.  Can we put Bernie in charge? April 27, 2011 The Daily Show – Exclusive – Bernie Sanders Extended Interview Pt. 1 Tags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook If … Continue reading

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How Donald Trump Saved America By Making A Black Man Prove That He Is An American!

Guest post from Robin.  Please share your thoughts in the comments! ————————— President Obama released his long form original birth certificate. Anyone who caught the news this morning was treated to a smack down of the media by the President … Continue reading

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