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Russian Court Bans Scientology Literature

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via the Washington Post.

A court in a Moscow suburb has banned works by the founder of the Church of Scientology, officials said Thursday.

The Shchyolkovo court ruled that “What is Scientology?” and other books by L. Ron Hubbard “contain calls for extremist activities,” the Prosecutor General’s office said in a statement.

I’m glad we don’t do this here but, it is funny!  It is better to laugh at Lord Xenu!

Hubbard, a science fiction writer, founded the Los Angeles-based Church of Scientology in 1954. It teaches that technology can expand the mind and help solve problems.

Hey… what about the aliens trapped in your body?

The group claims 10 million members around the world, including film stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Oh yeah… Tom Cruise…..

The Greatest Show On Earth – Richard Dawkins Interview On KUER 2011-06-29

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50 minutes of Dawkins talking about his book - The Greatest Show On Earth.

I wanted to put it here but the file size is too big.  Just click on the link above and check out his interview.

Ideas Do Not Deserve Respect – People Do

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If an idea cannot stand agaist question it is not worth having.

Ask Sam Harris Anything #1 (video)

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Hey Sony – I’m Pissed!

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A few weeks ago, I bought a Blu-ray player made by Vizio for about $100.  It has Wi-Fi built in and works great.  I hooked it up to the TV in our living room and now we can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video etc… all through our Wi-Fi router.  It worked so well that I wanted one for the TV in our bedroom.  I ended up getting a Sony machine for the bedroom – I was a little thinner and fit perfectly in the space I had.  It only cost a few dollars more than the Vizio.  After getting the machine all setup (and throwing away the box and losing the receipt) I discovered that the sony machine is only Wi-Fi “ready”!  WTF!  It will handle Wi-Fi only after you plug in a USB Wi-Fi adaptor.

I ordered a USB Wi-Fi adaptor from amazon and it came in the mail today.  Problem solved for only $15.  Whoo – hooo.

Well… I’m sure you can guess from the title of the post – It did not work.  The Blu-ray play does not recognize the adaptor that I bought.  I scoured the manual and found the exact type of adaptor that I need.  It will only work with a special SONY USB Wi-Fi adapter.  It is only $80!   No thanks.  I guess I will put this player in the basement and go by another Vizio Blu-ray player.