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Rabbis Urge Other Rabbis Not To Report Allegations Of Child Abuse To The Police

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via the Sunday Telegraph.

“One must go to a Rov (rabbi) who should firstly investigate the veracity of the complaint and if thought to be serious, warn the culprit etc. and act in a way that could scare him by threatening him with publicity by internet to the whole community.

“I personally feel that if we as a Jewish leadership can’t deal with this and other issues bifnim (internally) we are showing ourselves to be impotent.”

He also argued anyone who reported a paedophile would be responsible if the paedophile was raped in prison.

What does he have to hide?  Once again we see what religion would do if it was in charge.  They think they are above the law.  Religion is immoral and we need to end it.

SSA Saturday

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What a day.  We started at 10AM and kept going until 1AM.  I met so many people and heard so many talks.  I want to give a special mention to Ed Clint co-president of ISSA (Illini Secular Student Allowance) and his great presentation.  His main point was that your group can be vocal and critical of religion but, still work with them on issues that you both find important.  He use ISSA as an example of this.

Today (sunday) The other co-president of ISSA Franklin Kramer will give a talk and expect more great info.

I am pinched for time so I have to go.  Several more presentations today and then a 5 -6 hour drive home.

Flying Spaghetti Monster – The Music Video

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SSA Convention – Friday Update

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I am still fighting a cold so I slept in as late as I could and made it to the convention around noon on Friday.  Friday is “Game Day” for anyone that gets here early.  This event was at the Ohio Union in the Maudine Cow room (i know wacky name).  There was rock band and many board games.  I ended up in a game of Lord of The Ring Risk.  We decided to skip a lot of the special rules for this version of the game and just play like it was standard Risk with a different map.

Around 6pm I joined up with a bunch of students and went to a Greek restaurant by the campus.  After a great dinner with wonder students from all over the USA and one from Canada we all went and checked in for the start of the convention.

We watched the annual presentation of the Freethought Backbone Award to Hemant Mehta.  As expected Hemant gave a great and moving acceptance speech.  Following Hemant was David Silverman with a presentation titled, “A Fight We Can (And Will) Win”.  David talked about all of the things that are working in our favor.  30% of Americans under 30 are secular and more and more adults are coming out of the closet.  Our secret weapon?  The Internet

We finish off the night with Jamila Bey (The Atheist Hammer).  She talked about everyone doing what they can to help fellow freethinkers and maybe changing hearts and minds of others.  She gave the best line of the night… Be the tool you know you are!

After Jamila my intention was to go get some sleep but, a bunch of students were going to get pizza.  How could I say no?  As we start to walk away we are joined by PZ Myers.  He did tell us that his book should be out by next summer!

More tomorrow.

Anything But An Atheist…

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GOP Special Victims Unit – Jon Stewart Video

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