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Christian Pregnancy Crisis Clinics Exposed

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I Get Angry Mail From Fort Hood

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I got an e-mail about an old post.  I think it was this one about the military spiritual fitness center at Fort Hood.

Here is the offending video.  I figure that if it pissed her off it is worth showing again.

Please read this comedy gold from Melissa.

  I was just doing a search…

Very impressive Melissa.  Maybe you can use them Internets to learn about your religion.

…and came across your site about our spiritual center…

My site is not about your spiritual center – I may have done a post but, I’m not 100 percent sure what you are talking about.

…and i normally have more time to give a shit about this kind of thing…

Not too busy to send a crazy e-mail?  FYI… i should be I – just sayin’.

…but unless you live on our base then shut the fuck.

Shut the fuck?  That’s new to me.  Is that the new way of turning the other cheek?

You have no fucking understanding what so ever of the hell we have been through on our base in the last 2 years.

So, attempting to force christianity on others has made your life difficult?  Then stop doing it and everyone can get back to doing their job.

Its none of your business…

Yes it is!

…so go find something better to do with your life then trying to convince over 300 million people there is no god.

WOW!  Feel the power.  She is afraid that I may convert 300 million people.  Yeah!  Thank you for making my day Melissa!

FYI…. I reserve the right to post all information about e-mail that is sent to this blog.  That may include your e-mail address, domain and/or IP address.  It looks like Melissa was silly enough to send her e-mail from Fort Hood.  Is this proper use of US military equipment?

Do you think I should phone her CO?

Some Really Cool Science Based Music

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This is a great song.

Does the Black Community Need God?

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Another great event put on by ISSA (Illini Secular Student Alliance)

Does the Black Community Need God?: A Debate on Race, Faith & Culture

This is the best student group in the nation!  Now, they are reaching out to the black community and asking if they need god!

The Event is Thursday, November 10  at  7:00pm  – Please join CUFREE and ISSA for this important event.
Location:  Plym Auditorium, 134 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, South Quad


They need your help!


The University of Illinois is either low on funds or has decided that this event is not important and is providing very little funds.  A few other groups like the SSA have stepped up and donated funds.  However, ISSA need to pay for 2 speaking fees, airfare, room rental and advertising.  The total bill for everything is around $5000!


If you think events like this are important – Please donate!  I have heard many atheists say that they want to make a difference.  Funding this event can make a difference.  Please click the link above and donate what you can and then let us know that you gave something in the comments below.  You don’t even have to tell us how much but, please help!  I am donating $100 – will you pitch in?


Info on the speakers!


Arguing for the affirmative is Carlton Pearson. (via Wikipedia)
At one time, he was the pastor of the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center, later named it Higher Dimensions Family Church which was one of the largest churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the 1990s, it grew to an average attendance of over 5,000. Due to his stated belief in universal reconciliation, Pearson rapidly began to lose his influence in ministry with the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops and was eventually declared a heretic by his peers in 2004.
Universal reconciliation means that everyone eventually gets to be with god.  I was in Arkansas (two-hour drive from Tulsa) shortly after this all happened.  He went on record saying that there is no hell and everyone can meet god.  It was a big deal for the people in the bible belt.  I’m not sure why the church kicked him our but, I’m sure they were afraid of losing some revenue.


Arguing for the negative is Jamila Bey (via AAH )


Jamila Bey is a journalist living in Washington, DC.  Born to a Southern Baptist convert to Catholicism and a non-practicing Black Muslim, Jamila has formally renounced her “confused” belief in the supernatural and is now an out and proud Atheist.  Jamila began her career covering government in her hometown of Pittsburgh and moved to DC where worked as an editor and producer for ten years at National Public Radio.  She’s been a writer for hire for the better part of the last decade and is devoted to spreading the gospel of Logic, Reason, and Science to all those who may hear.

Are The Rich Getting Richer?

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via CNN Money.

From 1979 to 2007, average household income for the nation’s top 1% more than tripled, while middle-class incomes grew by less than 40%, according to a new report from a research arm of Congress.

Generally, this is not a good sign.  A free society is best served by a population that can share in the wealth.

“Over the past three decades, the distribution of income in the United States has become increasingly dispersed — in particular, the share of income accruing to high-income households has increased, whereas the share accruing to other households has declined,” the CBO said.

For the top 1% of the population, average inflation-adjusted household income grew by 275%. The rest of wealthiest fifth of the population, not including the top 1%, saw household income grow by 65% during that time, faster than the rest of the population, but “not nearly as fast as for the top 1%.”

Historically, the US has had many laws that tend to take money from the richest people and distribute it to those that have been less fortunate.  Here is a graph of the top tier tax rate over time.  Since 1932 the top tier has been higher, much higher.  From 1932 until 1981 the top rate has been 63% or higher.  The current top tier is only 35%.

…income ballooned at the top of the spectrum and government policy did less to redistribute wealth, the CBO found.


Are Adam And Eve Gay Twins?

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via SMBC.