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Looking For A Good College? How About christian Engineering

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My son plans on going to college in a year and a half and we are looking at all kinds of schools.  We just stumbled across this from Dordt College…..

That is why the primary mission of our engineering department is to train Christian engineers…

Whaaa?  I’m scared.  Do they teach you how to build crosses?

The Christian engineer is concerned with the impact a particular design has on communities and the environment.

Yeah!  Those atheist engineers just want to ruin things!

Dordt’s program prepares students for a life of professional service to the Lord….

I thought that was call… a…. minister?  I guess we can “cross” this school off of the list!


Another Sexy Atheist!

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Sex Supplements Don’t Work

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Post by Jim Newman


In the movie Six Days Seven Nights, Robin (Anne Heche) is traveling to a tropical paradise island with Frank (David Schwimmer) because he “wants to increase the romance in our relationship.” Robin, who works for Dazzle magazine, is called back to Tahiti for a photo shoot and hires the prickly middle-aged pilot Quinn (Harrison Ford) to take her there in his “rusty but trusty” Dehaviland Beaver plane.

As they begin their flight they exchange small talk about her work at Dazzle, generally, on articles on how to attract men (the irony of Heche being gay is hilarious, though it is a movie viewer TMI). Quinn quips “you want to know how to attract a guy…show up” and then the thunder storm comes on.

I always crack up because as a guy it has generally seemed like (as research supports) men have greater sexual appetite than women; that Quinn is right. For good reason. Men can’t have babies, what do they need to fear? And it is in genetics’ best interest for the guy to go for it often and to whomever. While for a woman it is in her best interest to find a guy who will stick around long enough to help raise the kids. It may be in her interest to have several sex interests as well to garner more aid but it gets complicated. Be that as it may Glamour type magazines are replete with hundreds of tips (or at least 99) to please men and men’s magazines are replete with ads on how to be bigger, endure longer, and stimulate.

Men buy women fantasy clothes or deluxe chocolates for Valentine’s day when it is clear the gift is for them. It is a truism the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but it would seem their aim is lower but in fact it is context and emotion that stimulates women and a full stomach wanders less.

However, this method isn’t working so well as working women just don’t have to time to cook and men are still resistant to doing it. It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re pissed.

Hence a rather direct male incentive to purchase libido and sex aides. Some to cure his concern that he isn’t potent enough and some to help more directly entice her without bothersome talk and socializing. It’s even sexy to be political or is that political to be sexy.

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Sunday Morning – The Video

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Gay For Jesus – Bo Burnham

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Local Coverage On Flowergate!

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