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Now Praise Intelligent Design – Richard Dawkins

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Catholic Church Is Dirtier Then A Strip Club

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It is a short clip and the big pay off is at the end.

Skepticon 5 Announces Some Speakers

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Skepticon 5 announces some speakers.

They are only going to tell you about 4 of them.  More will follow soon.



Here are the first 4….

Jessica Ahlquist

Greta Christina

Sean Carroll

Julia Galef

I know at least one more Speaker…. me!

Please leave a comment if you are going this year!


Make sure you get there….

Location: Springfield, Missouri
Date: November 9-11, 2012

Cable News Gaffe On Obamacare – Colbert Report

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June 28, 2012


Anti Vaxx Queen Jenny McCarthy Strips For Playboy

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Via New York Daily News.

The 39-year-old bombshell looks every inch the vintage pin-up girl in a new image released by the famed men’s magazine.

Wearing nothing but a splash of pink lipstick, the “Love in the Wild” host sizzles as she poses topless in her highly anticipated spread for the mag’s July/August issue.

This is the sixth time the blond beauty has flaunted her sex-symbol status on the glossy’s cover.

Here is a sample photo….  You can see an anti vaxx rant below.


2012 Europe Vacation – Part 2 – Sorrento / Capri / Amalfi

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Trip to Sorrento

After our 2 very short days in Roma we hopped on a train and headed to Sorrento.  Our first train went from Roma to Napoli (Naples) and the second train from Napoli to Sorrento.  In Naples there was a guy that helped us get from one train station to the other train station.  When we got there I thanked him and he asked if he was helpful – I said yes very helpful.  He that asked if he was helpful enough for a tip?  DOH!  Well, actually he did help us so I gave him a Euro.

We have already ran into several beggars and people trying to sell you stuff on the street.  The worst was around the Vatican.  I guess the place makes everyone ask for money.  At least this guy provided a service.

Bathrooms In Europe

You have to pay to use bathrooms in most public places.  The train station in Naples was 1 Euro per person.  That was about $6 for the 4 of us.  If you go to Europe have a few coins with you when you get there.  Some stores will have a bathroom that you can use but it is seen as very rude to use if you are not a customer.  You should buy something while your visit their business.


Sorrento is a gorgeous little city on the Mediterranean and it is built on a cliff looking over the water.

Sorrento is also famous for lemons (photo below by Heather Ferguson) and my favorite drink – lemonchello (lemon based liquor).

The main Piazza (city square) of Sorrento is surrounded by restaurants and shops.  I happened to be in the middle of the piazza when Italy scored a goal in football (soccer for the Americans).  Then entire city erupted.  It was a great moment of Italian life.  Sorrento is built around tourists and has everything you would ever want – including many high end shop if you are into that kind of thing.  It also has many shops that sell lemonchello and every other thing the tourist could want.  We loved our time there.

Our hotel was the Hotel del Corso.  It is a small hotel on the main street and only 1/2 of a block from the main square.  This was by far the best place we stayed for our entire trip.  The staff was amazing and helped us get around and solve problems again and again.  They took time to teach me some more Italian, find us a taxi to Amalfi and look for our missing daughter (details below).  The staff is there 24 hours a day and they speak English and Italian.  I want to personally thank the staff at Hotel Del Corso for letting us stay with them!


Our first full day in the Sorrento area included an 8 hour boat tour of  Capri with Capitano Ago. (picture below if from their web site)

We highly recommend their service.

The trip includes a 5 hour boat tour of the island and 3 hours of time on the island.  They stopped several times to point out the great photo spots and we took a little break to swim in the Mediterranean.  I jumped into the water and it was quite cold.  To show off my Italian I shouted the word for cold.  Our tour guide quickly informed me that I was using the wrong word.  Freddo = cold.  However, what I said appears to mean orgasm.  Whoops!

I took over 200 pictures of Capri.  There are over 50 that are really good.  Here are just a few of the best…..

(click on any photo to make it much bigger)

Here is a close up of the rocks as we approach.

This is a sample of sunlight reflecting up off of the limestone.

The world famous natural arch.

Looking back.  Notice another boat going into the arch.

On the other side of the island the water turned such a deep blue that I almost cried.

The blue grotto.  See that little hole just to the left of the stairs.  On a calm day you can get a boat ride into the cave.  It is lit with sunlight that reflects up from limestone below the water.  If you look real close you can see someone swimming out of the cave.  Our crew would not let us go in.  The said if the water level went up as you were trying to go in or our – you could get smashed into the wall.

After going around the island we stopped at the main dock and had 3 hours to explore the island.  We went up to one of the lookout points and this was our view….

On the other side is a walkway from the water at the bottom of the picture up to the lookout point.

There was also a garden filled with flowers around the lookout area.

After this we got back on the boat and started the trip back to Sorrento.  After a couple of minutes the captain stopped the boat and let down the anchor.  He turned to us and said something like….”We have a little problem but, I fix it.”  He then pulled out a wet suit and put in on and hopped into the water.  WTF?

Well it turns out that the rudder of the boat was busted and he could not steer the boat.  The good news is that the boat had two motors and they could give one more power than the other and steer a little.  The bad news is that that day had high winds and we would not be able to get back to Sorrento.  After an hour they were able to get the boat out of the wind and we got to take a bonus swim as we waited for rescue boats.

A total of three small but faster boats came to take us back.  We had to jump from one boat to another boat in choppy water.  Our big problem came when our daughter got on the second boat and the captain decided that he had enough passengers and headed back to Sorrento with our our 15 year old daughter.  My wife, mom and I were all on the third boat.  We were less than pleased with this arrangement.

When we got back to the dock we found out that the second boat returned to a different dock and our daughter was picked up by some guy with a van and was on her way to our hotel.  We got in a shuttle and headed to our hotel and the tour guide went with us and he called the van driver and we were able to talk to our daughter.  We finally all met in the Piazza and life was good again.  Whew….  A least we had an adventure and some good stories.


The plan for our next day was to take a bus to Amalfi.  It is often called the most beautiful place in Italy.  This is the one place that our daughter really, really wanted to go to.  When we told her that we would make time to go there she said that the idea that she would see such a place made her cry.  Unfortunately, our child now had some sunburn and did not want to get onto a bus filled with people.

Again the people at the Hotel Del Corso came to our rescue.  The connected us to local driver that agreed to take us to Amalfi in his Mercedes Minivan.  The ride was very smooth and our daughter had the back seat all to her self and no one would bump her sunburn.  Our driver knew the road very well and pointed out all of the best places to take pictures.  I took a lot of pictures and most of them from a moving minivan or a boat so forgive the quality.

Here are a few good ones…..

A couple of photos of the road.

This is looking back on the city of Positano.



St. Andrews Cathedral in Amalfi.  Note the couple that just got married posing for photos!

View of Amalfi from the water.

Another coastline shot.