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Remember Northern Exposure Star Janine Turner?

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Janine Turner turner played Maggie O’Connell on Northern Exposure.

Well, now she is a hard core fundie.

She is now pushing “Christoga”!

It is Yogo based on the bible.

You can try the “Moses Staff Pose”,”Holy Roller” or “Fisherman’s Boat”.

Check out this video.  Apparently, you need a lot of crosses and candles to do CHRISTOGA!

The Secret World of Mormonism – Mormon Cartoon

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It seemed like a good time to remind people of this video about the mormon religion.

Note:  This video has been added to the growing list of Freethought Classic Videos.  Please let me know what other videos I should ad!


Colbert Explains Ayn Rand So Evan Paul Ryan Can Understand

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You cannot take a small part of Ayn Rand’s words and ignore the rest. It would be like taking only the parts you like from the bible and following them. Oh, what……

Jennifer Burns explains it.

Bible-Belt Pastor To Atheist Leader – My Friend Jerry DeWitt!

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via The New York Times.

Late one night in early May 2011, a preacher named Jerry DeWitt was lying in bed in DeRidder, La., when his phone rang. He picked it up and heard an anguished, familiar voice. It was Natosha Davis, a friend and parishioner in a church where DeWitt had preached for more than five years. Her brother had been in a bad motorcycle accident, she said, and he might not survive.

DeWitt knew what she wanted: for him to pray for her brother. It was the kind of call he had taken many times during his 25 years in the ministry. But now he found that the words would not come. He comforted her as best he could, but he couldn’t bring himself to invoke God’s help.Sensing her disappointment, he put the phone down and found himself sobbing. He was 41 and had spent almost his entire life in or near DeRidder, a small town in the heart of the Bible Belt. All he had ever wanted was to be a comfort and a support to the people he grew up with, but now a divide stood between him and them. He could no longer hide his disbelief. He walked into the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. “I remember thinking, Who on this planet has any idea what I’m going through?” DeWitt told me.

This is happening to people all over America – more than ever before.  Easy access to information can make it hard on people that care about the truth.  Jerry is one of these people.  He cares about the truth and he cares about other people.  He wanted to help but he did not want to live a lie.

As his wife slept, he fumbled through the darkness for his laptop. After a few quick searches with the terms “pastor” and “atheist,” he discovered that a cottage industry of atheist outreach groups had grown up in the past few years. Within days, he joined an online network called the Clergy Project, created for clerics who no longer believe in God and want to communicate anonymously through a secure Web site.

 I think this is one of the best things that atheist movement has created.  This is a valuable asset for people searching for the the truth.  Jerry is doing a great job I can hardly wait to hear of his new adventures in the secular world.

Chris Matthews Does His Job And Calls Out Reince Priebus For Race-baiting.

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Birther, Donald Trump Now Goes Anti Vax

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via ABC News.

Some people should not have a twitter account!

Donald Trump today went on Twitter to peddle a junk science theory that claims vaccinations cause autism in young children.

I guess you don’t have to know how science works to get rich.

“Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism,”

No it is not.  It has been shown again and again that there is no connection.  Saying stupid shit like this can only lead to harm.

The Romney campaign, for whom Trump has raised millions this campaign season, would not comment on his latest offering.

The first smart thing Romney has done?

Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News’ chief health and medical editor, called Trump’s remarks “shameful.”

Oooh… Shameful is good!

“The autism-vaccine link has been disproven. Spreading shots out over a long period of time will not reduce the number of children who develop autism but it will  leave more children vulnerable to infectious diseases for a longer period of time than necessary,” he said. “That can kill children.”

Trump for dead children.  His new slogan for 2016?

While it’s true that autism diagnosis rates have risen over the years, there is an ongoing debate over whether or not the numbers can be taken at face value. Many doctors believe a broadening of diagnostic criteria has led to more confirmed cases.

What is unquestioned, though, and confirmed by serious medical studies, is that there is no known connection between the condition and having received childhood vaccinations.

Hey!  I just said that.

“As we know from political campaigns, stating a claim repeatedly can lead to a public belief in the concept since these conclusions are not always based on rational thought processes but also on emotional thinking and preconceived notions,”  Dr. Max Wiznitzer, associate professor of pediatric neurology at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, told ABC News in March.

The scientific paper that once served as a the driving force behind the theory has long since been discredited and rejected by its original publisher, The Lancet, which wrote in 2010 that “it has become clear that several elements of the 1998 paper by [Andrew] Wakefield et al are incorrect.

“In particular, the claims in the original paper that children were ‘consecutively referred’ and that investigations were ‘approved’ by the local ethics committee have been proven to be false.”

The British Medical Journal published an editorial in January 2011, calling the Wakefield report “fraudulent,” adding that “clear evidence of falsification of data should now close the door on this damaging vaccine scare.”

Closed, that is, until Trump opens it again.

Now, where is that duct tape?