ABC News Covers Camp Quest

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Via ABC News.

Most summer camps host kayaking, arts and crafts classes and campfires, but what makes Camp Quest Northwest different is that it is literally “beyond belief.”

Located just north of Seattle, Camp Quest Northwest is a summer camp for atheists or children of atheists, self-described “freethinkers” or people not otherwise traditionally religious.

This is just one of the many Camp Quest locations.  There are more every year.  I think that there are now 14 locations and they need your support.  Take a look at the Chip In widget on the top right.  Click on it and donate to this important cause.

The camp hosts different sessions, such as the Socrates Cafe, where campers are free to discuss anything on their minds, from the age-old question of “where do we come from?” to how to handle bullies who pick on them because of their agnostic beliefs.

“It’s amazing. I love it here,” said a 9-year-old camper named Elle. “With certain people, you have to limit yourself or feel socially obligated. This feels nice to be here and not have to limit yourself and know you won’t be bullied or hurt.”

The goal is to raise $37,000 by Sept 3rd.  Now is the time to step up and donate a few dollars.  Please help keep these camps going.  click on the Chip In Widget and donate what you can.

I thank you in advance.

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    Camp Quest locations. Also England, Ireland and Norway. More to come.

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