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Skepticm Money is a long time supporter of the secular movement.

Skeptic Money has already sponsored these major events:

2014 American Atheist Convention

2014 Logicon

2014 Chicago Skepticamp

Skepticon 6 – 2013

Skepticon 5 – 2012

Madison Freethought Festival – 2012

Skeptics of OZ – 2012

Reason Rally – 2012

2012 American Atheist Convention

Skepticamp Chicago 2012

Corporate sponsor for Atheist Nexus.

Skepticon 4

JREF in the classroom

2011 American Atheist Convention

Skepticon 3

Skepchicamp Chicago 2010

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Rational Atheism, the New Irrational Atheism

Atheist Rehab Care

Nobel for Work on Internal Mapping

Religious Meaning is Not Special

Daniel Dennett, Only Horseman Left Standing

Willie Robertson Pushes Convert or Die