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High Fructose Glurge Syrup

Post by Derrick ——————————————- Recently, a manager at my workplace forwarded to our group a heartwarming story about a disabled boy’s moment in the sun: At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves children with learning disabilities, the father … Continue reading

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Angels’ Advocate?

Post by Derrick ——————————– I recently read some writings by John Shook, regarding an argument that, he says, is his reason that no argument for God could ever demonstrate God’s existence. (Not that God can’t or doesn’t exist, just that … Continue reading

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Train Up A Child In the Way He Should Go

It occurs to me that I’ve been contributing here a while, and there’s no hint of “who’s this guy?” I’m 33 years old; I’ve been a skeptic* for three years but a lover of science all my life. I was … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

Post by Derrick ———————– Every so often I’m reminded what kind of culture we live in, even outside of the southern-gothic-horror freakshow that is the presidential primaries. I currently have a minor role in a community theater production of THE … Continue reading

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Skepticism Goes Mainstream

Post by Derrick —————————- Washington Post: Ubiquitous ‘tiny belly’ online ad part of scheme, government says It’s good to see solid, real world skepticism in the mainstream media. Of course, things like Acai berries, colon cleansers, and HCG hormones have … Continue reading

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All Power To The Engines

Post by Derrick ——————————- “And it came to pass that the Preservers did encode a video clip into junk DNA, and that after millions of years, this file format would still be compatible with Federation tricorders.  And when they had … Continue reading

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