Bill Donohue I Am Tired Of Rape Victims And Their Complaints!

via the catholic league.

Many Catholics that I have spoken to, including the clergy, have grown weary of those who claim they were victimized by a priest decades ago and are still not satisfied with the Church’s response.

Almost every thing he says drips with evil.  “Those who claim”?  what does that mean?  Did the church give up millions to kids that were not raped.  Whoa, the poor catholic church is being picked on!

No matter what the Church does—doling out millions, providing endless counseling and therapy, mandating training sessions for every employee to guard against abuse—it’s never enough.

Bill, when it stops and the rapists are removed, we can talk.

It’s time for some straight talk: these people don’t want to move on, and that’s because they have too much invested in maintaining their victim status.

Holy FUCK!  Talk about hanging on the a victim status…. Bill…. That is your job.  That is all you do.  You are a professional victim for the catholic church.  Check out this slime that came out of his mouth…

No institution, secular or religious, has a better record combating sexual abuse today than the Catholic Church

This man is walking self irony.

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