“Bill Nye…is out to get kids and brainwash them” – Ken Ham

Ken Ham Attack Bill NyePoor Ken Ham.   He is talking about Bill Nye again.

As many of you know, Bill Nye the “Science Guy” (of PBS TV) recently posted a video on YouTube entitled “Creationism is not appropriate for children.” This video received over 4.7 million views.

The sad thing is that Ken Ham is still at work promoting lies.

Yesterday, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we were thrilled to see hundreds of kids (1,500) pouring into North Metro Baptist church for our school assemblies. I just love teaching the children the truth about dinosaurs—that they were made on the sixth day of creation alongside Adam and Eve.

Ken Ham is a very sad little man.

I made sure all these young people understand that God created the universe in six literal days about six thousand years ago and that most of the fossils came from the Flood about 4,300 years ago. Yes, thousands upon thousands of children are learning the truth, and we are making sure that we can reach as many children and young people as we can, including at our Creation Museum. Bill Nye, who is really the “Humanist guy,” is out to get kids and brainwash them into secularism and atheism. We need to do all we can to capture these kids for the Lord Jesus Christ.

“…is out to get kids and brainwash them…”  Oh, The irony!

Yes, Bill Nye has inspired me to be even more fervent in teaching children God’s Word. I made sure all the kids I taught yesterday understood the meaning of the word fiction. I had them call out that the word fiction means “not true.” I gave the children a talk about the seven ages of dinosaurs based on the Bible. And the seventh age (the one we now live in) is called fiction. At the end of the session, I was able to ask students to name some things that are fiction—meaning “not true.” They called out the following:

  • Millions of years
  • Evolution
  • Ape-like creatures turning into humans

I don’t like his list.  Let’s make our own, I can think of a few things that are fiction….




What else should we put on the list?

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7 Responses to “Bill Nye…is out to get kids and brainwash them” – Ken Ham

  1. YoRpFiSh says:

    Hammy is in full panic mode! I love it! The info age doesn’t seem to be agreeing with his delicate, thread-bare grip to the real world.

    He’s super upset that disabling comments on videos doesn’t stop anyone from making a mirror and commenting anyway these days. I hope it keeps him up at night.

  2. Mike Brownstein says:

    Lets add trickle down economics to the list

  3. Leo says:

    “We need to do all we can to capture these kids for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Says everything you need to know about that man and his “beliefs”.

  4. Ant says:

    Capture; take; seize; abduct; imprison; take hostage…

  5. Sunshine Bob says:

    If I didn’t know that Ken Ham is a religious, ignorant creationist, I’d think he’s a 2nd rate comedian performing at a 3rd rate comedy club.

  6. chimango says:

    Add to the list: Ken Ham’s Honesty.
    Because no thinking adult can honestly believe what Ham says without questioning, right?

  7. HedleyPanama says:

    Indeed, he will lose costumers…. 🙁

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