Blasphemy! I Got Your Blasphemy

There has been a lot of talk about blasphemy in the anti-islam movie “Innocence of Muslims”.  It is not actually a movie but a 14 minute piece of crap.

Here it is!  Watch it if you dare!  It is tragically bad.  I am offended and I am an Atheist.  The average middle school student could do a better job.  The overdubs are so bad that I could not help but laugh out loud.

However, this is America and Blasphemy is not a crime.  I can say what I want about islam, christianity, or the FSM (SBUH – Sauce Be Upon Him).

David Silverman is on target.

“We have seen recently that most of the Islamic world is demanding that all people avoid defaming their prophet, and suddenly across America our citizens are obeying out of fear or political correctness.  We are losing our right to criticize, via our own submission,”

If you think it is wrong to make an image of Allah – then don’t!  However, I will not bow down to the rules of your religion.  I don’t care if it is about making images or not pushing button one day each week.  Follow silly rules if you want but leave me out of it.

I think Thomas Paine had it right!

My own mind is my own church.

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

The best future for humanity is to throw off the chains of religion.  Religion does not lead us to truth.  It hides it.

The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion or in politics, but it is not the path to knowledge, and there’s no place for it in the endeavor of science. – Carl Sagan

The idea that you would rise up, burn down shops and kill people because someone made a 14 minute crappy video is not acceptable.  This is not a value I hold.

I worry about the reaction of our government.  If we pull down  “Innocence of Muslims” we all lose.  Recently the GOP has raised concerns that we will be weak when responding to this issue.

I am very happy and proud to hear the speech below by President Obama!

You can see the full text here… or watch the video below.  Some key points….

If we are serious about upholding these ideals, it will not be enough to put more guards in front of an Embassy; or to put out statements of regret, and wait for the outrage to pass. If we are serious about those ideals, we must speak honestly about the deeper causes of this crisis. Because we face a choice between the forces that would drive us apart, and the hopes we hold in common.

Today, we must affirm that our future will be determined by people like Chris Stevens, and not by his killers. Today, we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our United Nations.

Yes!  There is no place for violence.  He then talks about freedom and self governance.  (a little of the topic of this post – but it was so good)

We have taken these positions because we believe that freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture. These are not simply American values or Western values – they are universal values. And even as there will be huge challenges that come with a transition to democracy,  I am convinced that ultimately government of the people, by the people and for the people is more likely to bring about the stability, prosperity, and individual opportunity that serve as a basis for peace in our world.

Back to the freedom of speech.

Nelson Mandela once said: “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” True democracy demands that citizens cannot be thrown in jail because of what they believe, and businesses can be opened without paying a bribe. It depends on the freedom of citizens to speak their minds and assemble without fear; on the rule of law and due process that guarantees the rights of all people.

I started to worry a little when President Obama got to this part…

That is what we saw play out the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It is an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well…

But, It was a great way to frame what follows…

I know there are some who ask why we don’t just ban such a video. The answer is enshrined in our laws: our Constitution protects the right to practice free speech. Here in the United States, countless publications provoke offense. Like me, the majority of Americans are Christian, and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs. Moreover, as President of our country, and Commander-in-Chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so. Americans have fought and died around the globe to protect the right of all people to express their views – even views that we disagree with.

WOW!  I am starting to tear up….

We do so not because we support hateful speech, but because our Founders understood that without such protections, the capacity of each individual to express their own views, and practice their own faith, may be threatened. We do so because in a diverse society, efforts to restrict speech can become a tool to silence critics, or oppress minorities. We do so because given the power of faith in our lives, and the passion that religious differences can inflame, the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech – the voices of tolerance that rally against bigotry and blasphemy, and lift up the values of understanding and mutual respect.

You had me 100% until the blasphemy thing.  I do not rally against blasphemy!  I encourage it!

All people deserve respect, all ideas do not!  We must critique bad ideas to make the world a better place for those around us and for those that follow us.  – Phil Ferguson

Obama gets back on track with this….

There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. There is no video that justifies an attack on an Embassy. There is no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon, or destroy a school in Tunis, or cause death and destruction in Pakistan.


Please share your thoughts about “Innocence of Muslims”, David Silverman’s words, or The President’s talk in the comments below.

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  1. Douglas Einer says:

    This may be of interest, especially if true.

    The American Government had reliable information as to the true cause/s of the riots 24 hours after they started, and chose to ‘do-what’ with the info-?

    Reality Check: Muslim Protests Have Nothing To Do With A Youtube Video?

    Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at the U.N. call for banning blasphemy and whether it is based on a false narrative.

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