Breaking The Cycle: How To Help Kids Out Of Religion! Phil Ferguson – Skepticon 5

Breaking The Cycle“Breaking The Cycle:  How To Help Kids Out Of Religion!”  My talk from Skepticon 5 is now on YouTube (video below).

Sadly you cannot see the PowerPoint of my talk.  However, most of the suggestions are presented in this post.

I was very happy with how it went but, I can also see where I made mistakes.  If you have time…. Please watch and give me a suggestion for improvement or point out something you liked.  If you think of any other ways to help children or young adults develop their critical thinking skill please leave a comment below.  I may be able to add your great idea the next time I give this talk.

My next talk  will be at the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago.  7574 N. Lincoln Ave. Skokie IL 60077.  The talk will be on January 27th and start at 10:30 AM.  If you are in the Chicago area please come and say hello.  This talk will be “Skepticism and Investing.  How to use your skeptic skills to avoid getting ripped off”.

“Giordano” on Facebook just posted this comment about my Skepticon 5 talk…. “Breaking The Cycle:  How To Help Kids Out Of Religion!”

I had never heard of Phil Ferguson before now. Have you? Well now you have. This is thus far the most entertaining presentation that I have seen from Skepticon 5. It’s also chock full of atheist, skeptical goodness! He is clearly an invaluable member of the movement and I’m glad to have finally discovered him. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy it half as much (or more) than “Giordano”.


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2 Responses to Breaking The Cycle: How To Help Kids Out Of Religion! Phil Ferguson – Skepticon 5

  1. Nancy Sobel says:

    I really enjoyed this! I am a girl scout troop leader and all of the girls, except my own, are from Christian church-going families. While I have always encouraged them to question everything, I have also made it a point to search for the answers with them. I want them to understand the answers are out there, perhaps not definitively, but that provides us with opportunities to discuss and debate which hypothesis we think most likely to be correct. This gives them practice in supporting their positions with facts and evidence. The girls in my troop are 9 years old and they take to these discussions with ease. Children are naturally curious and they want answers that make sense. I hope the years they spend with me will make asking questions and seeking answers a natural part of their lives forever.

  2. Phil Ferguson says:

    You are doing wonderful work. Thank you for helping so many young minds learn how to think. Here is the link to the color changing beads that I talked about (and threw into the crowd). I bet the girls will love them. Just like my daughter and her friends did.

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