Camp Quest Gets Some Good Press

Local Columbus paper covers camp quest.

My kids just got back and loved it.  They can’t wait to go again next year!

Camp Quest is a sleepaway camp for the children of atheists, agnostics, humanists and other nonbelievers, though kids from religious families are welcome, too.

Most of the time, the kids do normal camp stuff such as hike, compete in relay races, sit around campfires.

But the overarching philosophy is that life without religion is a perfectly healthy, viable option.

How fun is that?  Camp Quest gets bigger every year!

The weeklong Ohio camp in Clarksville, northeast of Cincinnati, is the largest with 78 campers, but other sessions are offered in Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, California, Texas, Ontario and the United Kingdom. An Irish woman is in Clarksville this week learning the model so she can take it to her country.

As church camps are closing down it is great to see these camps doing so well.

In a recurring gag, counselors tell the kids that two invisible unicorns run free at Camp Quest. Anyone who can prove that isn’t true will win a prize.

The kids learn that you can’t prove a negative, such as God doesn’t exist, Metskas said. The burden of proof should be on those who say he does.

The challenge is a “fun, silly way to take on a serious conversation these kids will run into over and over again in real life,” she said.

I love this!  If you are the one making the claim then you are the one that needs to come up with evidence.

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