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The Christian Conviction to End the World

Amanda Marcotte brilliantly details in a series of articles the christian conservative will and desire to end the world if it can’t be the way they see is moral. They will lie, cheat, berate and perform every nasty trick possible … Continue reading

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Katie Engelhart Needs Help – I Wish There Was A Google

Katie Engelhart has launched a search… She is questioning the readers of in order to find the female leaders of the new atheism.  First of all, it ain’t new!  Atheism has been around awhile and due to the proliferation … Continue reading

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Why Are My Daughters Doormats – Gender Inequality

I have six daughters five of which are grown and one is still at home.  She’s just 14 and things aren’t looking real good for her either.  One of my daughters won’t take shit from anyone.  She’s outspoken, true to … Continue reading

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OH – IGNORANT IMBECILE I was reading my latest newsletter from – Freethought Today and made it to page 14 where the “Crank Mail” was placed.  It’s one of my favorite features of this fine publication.  Crank Mail a sampling … Continue reading

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One Race Card Short of a Deck

“If racism is ever to be finally undone—and that remains a very open question indeed—we will have to first and foremost stop lying to ourselves.” —Tim Wise, White Like Me Pardon this blog post, it’s written mostly out of frustration and I … Continue reading

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Today we’re looking at PT Barnum and his book Humbugs of the World. After all, there’s no one who knows a sham better than a professional sham salesman. “Humbug” as you probably know, is an old world for “bullshit” or … Continue reading

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