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Rabbis, Jews Kidnap & Torture Husbands to Allow Divorce

It just doesn’t get any stranger than rabbis and temple members kidnapping and torturing husbands to force them to file a “get” so their wives can divorce. Because of Beth Din, Jewish law, a wife cannot obtain a divorce without … Continue reading

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Study on What makes a Jew

I take this story personally. All my life I have been told that I am not formally a Jew because it is not a race, nationality, and my mother was Protestant. All my life I have also been told I … Continue reading

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Christianity was AntiMarriage

Long ago, back in the good old days, to be Christ-like you had to deny sex, marriage, and family. While many see the portrayals of Christ as closeted gay, he was more likely celibate. Christianity was antimarriage, procelibacy. Modern Christians … Continue reading

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Flying in a Baggie

Just when you think Fundies are stuck in the past they come up with a new and brilliant solution. Here is a photo of an Ultra Orthodox Jew (UOJ, cohen, kohen) flying in a baggie so that he can go … Continue reading

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Israel Goes More Secular, Ousts Haredi

The ultra-orthodox Jews (Haredi) are in more trouble in Israel. Before Haredi bashed less orthodox children on the way to school in dress that is too western. They continued to prohibit women from the Wailing wall. The men refused to … Continue reading

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Yelling Fire In A Crowded Theater

Post by Emily Moskal ——————– Religion is back in the news in its all-too-familiar forms of expression: inflammatory rhetoric followed by violence. Enter Mitt Romney from the safety of the campaign trail, eager to score some political points, when events were still playing out in … Continue reading

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