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Republicans Raped Country

I guess unless you are Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Pat Robertson, or Bill O’Reilly you are not allowed to make criticism with flamboyant language. William Penn speaks truth, Republicans raped country! “If you go to the Republican convention … Continue reading

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OH – IGNORANT IMBECILE I was reading my latest newsletter from – Freethought Today and made it to page 14 where the “Crank Mail” was placed.  It’s one of my favorite features of this fine publication.  Crank Mail a sampling … Continue reading

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Ask A Mortician: Ghost Tours

I’m a huge fan of Ask A Mortician, a slightly niche youtube series where a professional mortician answers any question you’ve ever had about mortician work, dead bodies, and death in general. And she’s delightful. So of course, she’s been … Continue reading

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Today we’re looking at PT Barnum and his book Humbugs of the World. After all, there’s no one who knows a sham better than a professional sham salesman. “Humbug” as you probably know, is an old world for “bullshit” or … Continue reading

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The Memory Palace

I’m really into scripted podcasts. I want a story, some drama, maybe a little art and radio-play sound effects. The Memory Palace is one of the most perfect podcasts ever. It’s a history podcast, but it’s not a history lecture. … Continue reading

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Atheist Christmas Specials

Christmas is a tough time of year for atheists. It shouldn’t be. Christmas is a pretty secular holiday and has been for a while, but thanks to Scrooge, it’s a Christmas tradition to take petty shots at generic non-believers. Every … Continue reading

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