Must Be 14 To Enter! Catholic Church Rules! – Abuse Not A Serious Crime If 14 Or Older

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CBS News – Chicago.

The roman catholic bishop in Joliet is allowing an accused predator priest to return to limited ministry, and advocates for priest sex abuse victims are livid over the decision.

I can see why they would be upset but, it is just an accusation right?

Uh… NO!  SNAP the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (  release this information…

The victim was informed later that a Joliet diocesan abuse committee found his accusations were “credible.”

WOW!  If the catholic church says you abuse accusations are credible they must have been really serious.

And this from The Deacon’s Bench blog

The Diocese of Joliet is not denying that the Rev. F. Lee Ryan had inappropriate sexual relations with a minor.

So, in 2010 this priest was removed from his job and kept away from kids.  The new modern catholic church will not stand for child abuse or rape!  oh wait….  Now they are giving him his job back!

Under church law in force at the time of the alleged abuse, Father Ryan was not guilty of a grave delict (serious crime) and therefore could not be removed permanently from ministry.

It does not matter what US law is.  It was no big deal in the eyes of the church.  Once again they have shown that their law should be above the local laws.  I say if they can’t follow US law – throw them out.

I bet you wanted to know why it is not a big deal.  The church has the answer….

Church law at the time actually said a 14-year-old was at an age of consent.

If the kid is 14 he (or she) is fair game!  Hey kids!  Pool party at the “father’s” house.  Must be 14 to enter!

For a group that claims to have direct talks with the magic man in the sky, they sure do seem to get a lot of things wrong.  Flat Earth, the whole Earth going around the sun, slavery, limbo for babies etc….  Odd that they only change their view when society forces them.


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4 Responses to Must Be 14 To Enter! Catholic Church Rules! – Abuse Not A Serious Crime If 14 Or Older

  1. John says:

    Umm… the earth does go around the sun…

  2. Phil says:

    Another Catholic sees the light!
    Sorry John, I had to. I did word it poorly.
    Thanks for joining the conversation.

  3. RickRay says:

    But, but ……the tide goes in and the tide goes out! Explain that. Ooops !

  4. joe says:

    John are you channeling Copernicus or Galileo? if Copernicus, then no exommunication for you. if Galileo, I have some bad news for you for the next 450 years…..

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