Catholic Church Protest

catholic church protest - policeOur catholic church protest was yesterday.  We arrived at 9:00AM and found the police there waiting for us.

Before I get into what happened you need to know why we were there.  About a month ago bishop Paprocki made a video and said….

I am pointing out those [planks in the Democratic Party Platform] endorse intrinsic evils.

This was followed with this warning….

I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful  makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.

So, he knows what god wants and if you don’t do it…. you will burn!

The response to this video was so bad that the catholic church took it down.  (but, you can see if here)

We planned our protest for Oct 21st and as a free gift Paprocki put out a new video “Politics and moral complexity: God’s law comes first”.  He clearly puts his church law above the US law!  He tried to explain that the people that criticized him (including church members) do not know what they are talking about.  He insists that if you don’t see the video (yes, the one he took down) then you can’t comment on what he said.  In his “explanation” he said this…

…neither would I presume to declare that someone is or is not going to hell. I leave that to God’s judgment.

So, after telling you that your soul is in risk he announces that he has no idea.  This guy is a walking contradiction.

Back to the Catholic Church Protest…

Sunday 9AM… as soon as we set foot on the city block owned by the church, the police came over to make sure that we knew all of the rules and followed them.  We could not block people from walking on the sidewalk and we could not go on the private property.  Everything else was pretty much common sense.  As long as we stayed on the sidewalk they had no problem.

The police were very nice but 4 squad cars did seem like overkill.  I guess they wanted to be ready if we decided to storm the castle.  Maybe the police were there to protect us from the catholics 🙂 .

I had imagined all of us standing by the main entrance but this place was huge and covered the entire city block.  We had to split up and cover all of the entrances.  Below is a shot of several protesters by the main door.

catholic church protest - Protesters

I don’t know if it was just a slow day for catholics but, there did not seem to be many parishioners.  Their small parking lot next to the building was mostly full but their big lot across the street was 75% empty.

We only had two catholics that were not happy:  One lady yelled, “You should be ashamed of yourselves.” and some old guy mumbled something nasty as he rushed by.  However, everyone else was delightful.  Most people just went on with their day but, several stopped and talked with us.  A few of them agreed that Paprocki was wrong.  They agreed with us that church and state should be separate.  We were elated that everyone was so nice.  With this experience I can say that the average catholic is far better than the catholic church.

We were visited by two local TV crews.  First on the scene was WICS News channel 20 and then WAND 17.  I don’t yet know if we made it onto TV.  If I can find a video I will add it below.

catholic church protest -Janet FactorOn the right is a photo of Janet Factor being interviewed by WAND 17.  Janet was the main organizer of the event and did a lot of the planning.  She was in contact with city officials, the local media and wrote several letters to local news papers.  Below are several of the things she covered in those letters and in the TV interview.  Please let us know which is your favorite.

“Voting is a private matter—there’s a reason we have secret ballots in this country. It’s a voting booth, not a confessional. Nobody should feel their priest (or bishop) is in there looking over their shoulder.”

“How would the bishop like it if things were the other way around, and the US president weighed in on the election of the next pope by the College of Cardinals?”

“Paprocki seems to have no respect for his congregants and their individual consciences. If you are old enough to vote, you are an adult, yet the advice given by him and the other bishops expects Catholics to hand over their decision-making lock, stock, and barrel to the church hierarchy, as though they were children. It even comes complete with the threat of ‘Wait till your Father hears about this!’ “

“Many people want to characterize the Bishop’s behavior as that of a good shepherd, and I entirely agree—bearing in mind, of course, that the ultimate goal of the shepherd is to fleece the sheep.”

Keep up the good fight Janet!  I would also like to thank everyone that help and thanks to all of my readers for your support.

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  1. Janet Factor says:

    UPDATE: we did indeed make the local TV news on both stations.

  2. Janet Factor says:

    UPDATE: video now online!

    Prepare to laugh: last time I watched the lead-in ad for was a local church!

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