Catholic Priests Only Rape Some Kids – Why All The Fuss?

I just read a blog post from Andrew Brown.  I threw up in my mouth a little.

I want to be clear… This is not child abuse or “inappropriate” touching.  This is the rape of an innocent child by a sick and vial maroon in a position of power and authority.  A gross abuse of influence for the gains of the sexually repressed followed by a policy of lies and cover up by the people who are supposed to look after you and your kids.

Mr. Brown tells us it’s not so bad…

The Catholic figures show that between about 4% of priests and deacons serving in the US between 1950 and 2002 had been accused of sexual abuse of someone under 18.

There is so much Bullshit in that one sentence.

1) Catholic figures?  Is there any chance that they may hold back some information?  A group that lives to lie to people for the purpose of taking your money – Really?

2) From 1950 to 2002?  Most of the problems in the 50’s, 60’s and half of the 70’s were kept secret by the church.

3) Accused… so if they were not outed they don’t count.

4) 4% ain’t so bad – WTF?

5) He assumes that each accused priest only raped 1 kid.  Most of these cases involve far more than one kid.  Often it is several over many years.  If each priest/sicko ONLY raped 6 kids then 25% of the kids were raped.  Remember this is only the ones that were caught with their pants down.

Mr. Brown also suggests that a lot of kids are abused.  Sad but true.  He says it may be anywhere from 4% to 16% of male kids that are abused.  That could mean that this small group of holey men could account for more than half of the rapes of young boys – and that’s OK?

He then has a rare moment of clarity…

Perhaps I am unduly cynical, but I believe that all institutions attempt to cover up institutional wrongdoing although the Roman Catholic church has had a higher opinion of itself than most, and thus a greater tendency to lie about these things. Because it is an extremely authoritarian institution at least within the hierarchy, it is also one where there were few checks and balances on the misbehaviour of the powerful.

Huh?  he just made my point.  This is authoritarian and evil institution with no checks on power.  NO SHIT!

Sadly he closes with this…

I think that objectively your child is less likely to be abused by a Catholic or Anglican priest in the west today than by the members of almost any other profession.

How much can one person deny reality?

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  1. Glock21 says:

    The comparison to the Dark Lord of the Sith seems a bit unfair. The Emperor wasn’t that bad.

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