Cheerleaders For gOd

Cheerleaders for gOd are not happy.  They were just showing how much they love good and their football team.

Cheerleaders in a small East Texas town that worships two things — God and football — are now fighting back after the Bible verses they painted on banners to display at games were banned.

If you want to talk with god…go to a church!

The cheerleading squad at Kountze High School, just north of Beaumont, Texas, would show their support for the team, and also display their religious beliefs, by painting Bible verses on the banners players run through before every game.

It is a nice thought but you can’t do this.  Think of what the locals would do if there was a verse from the Koran or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

“We just wanted to encourage the boys,” one cheerleader said.

If gOd actually helped the team win.  That would be cheating.

The banners apparently offended someone, though, and that unidentified person complained to an atheist group, which argued that the Bible banners amount to a public school’s advocating a particular religion, which is unconstitutional.

The FFRF is on the job!

“This is not a Christian school and they cannot misuse their authority,” Annie-Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Madison, Wis.-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, said.

The school came to their senses!

Ultimately, school superintendent Kevin Weldon forced the cheerleaders to stop using scripture on the banners.

But the cheerleaders are not accepting the decision!

That was when the squad members put down their pompoms and picked up the phone, calling attorney David Starnes, who argues that the banners are not school sponsored.

Then the whole town got involved.

The community is now cheering for the cheerleaders, with signs of support and online. A Facebook page dedicated to their fight now has nearly 50,000 followers, which is 25 times more people than live in the town of about 2,000.

Oh, and almost 50,000 random people from around the world.

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  1. Cuttlefish says:

    Come on, now… *somebody* has to stand up for the popular majority against the constitutional rights of the also-rans….

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