Christian Voter Guide 2012 Presidential Election

Christian voter guide – made by The christian Coalition.  You might find it amusing.

I went to their website and filled out all of the required forms – so you wont have to.  If you wish you can get your own copy of this Christian voter guide.  They also have state versions – they should also be very funny.

I know I have some christian readers (thanks for stopping in) so, I want to ask, are these the most important issues for you?  We have Abortion, school prayer, taxes, guns, abortion, same-sex marriage, Jerusalem, abortion.  I don’t see anything about feeding the poor, helping the homeless, educating all children etc…

This Christian voter guide also has some problems.  Often voter guides will list actual bills and show how each person voted.  It is very hard to compare the President and a former Govenor.  I think they would also not like some parts of Romney’s voting record from Massachusetts.  So, in classic christian style – just ignore the parts you don’t like.

They have their cute little disclaimer at the bottom….

Each candidate was sent a 2012 Issue Survey by mail and/or facsimile (Fax) machine.

A fax?  You may have sent a fax?  What is this the 80’s?

When possible, positions of candidates on issues were verified or determined using voting records and/or public statements (an “*” indicates such materials were used). 

Every answer below (except the one unknown) has a freakin’ “*”.  So I guess they just made this all up because no one responded to their stupid fax.

This voter guide is provided for educational purposes only…

You mean for entertainment purposes only?  Not very educational but, it is KINDA funny.

 …and is not to be construed as an endorsement of any candidate or party.

Yeah!  Because that would be illegal.  There is no preference here (wink, wink) so, move along citizen.

Christian Voter Guide

There are many problems with the candidates positions but, this is the one that jumped out to me.

Voluntary prayer in public schools and facilities

The Christian voter guide says that President Obama “Opposes*” this.  At best this is twisted logic turned into an appeal of the christian persecution complex.  At worst it is a lie.  While President Obama supports the idea of separation of Church and State he, has never opposed voluntary prayer.

No one is taking away your right to pray or read you little book.  actually, things might be a whole lot better if christians actually read the bible.

Take a look at the guide and tell us what problems you see and share them in the comments below.

Christian Voter Guide

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17 Responses to Christian Voter Guide 2012 Presidential Election

  1. Melody says:

    This Christian Coalition document is so full of lies and mistruths, it is pathetic and very hypocritical. Why are they pushing for Romney when fundamentalists believe he belongs to a cult? Obama is a non -denominational christian. So much in this is total laughable. Obama doesn’t want people on welfare to work? Its not known if he supports Jerusalem? Who wrote this? I’m going to send a snail mail to the Christian Coalition who obviously put their politics way above their faith!

  2. Darrel says:

    I have never heard of Obama wanting further restrictions on the right to bear arms. Do you think this is true?

    • Melody says:

      No, of course not! So much of it is lies, and to endorse a cult member. Such hypocrisy; I’m so glad I’m not a christian anymore. I wouldn’t want to be associated with any of that.

      • Michele says:

        Melody, you aren’t a Christian anymore?? You mean you were a Christian once, and now you aren’t? If you’re not a Christian now, you’ve never been one. It’s not about a religion, it’s about a relationship!

  3. Savonarola says:

    Melody adds,
    > So much of it is lies,
    … which makes me think of another line that should have been added to the chart:

    “Breathtakingly shameless, constant lying about positions and history of self or other candidate:
    Romney: Supports
    Obama: Opposes”

    But I totally expect the lies, which should be ironic from an organization claiming to stand for a religion that says that bearing false witness is one of the ten worst possible sins. So what strikes me is how many of these issues identified by the “Christian Coalition” — e.g., the estate tax, balanced budget, Obamacare, welfare requirements, immigration, energy independence — have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity or religion.

  4. De says:

    Christian Coalition a lie? Are you serious? Obama is the biggest liar every! Keep listening to the democratic news media. They are one sides. Do your research!

  5. Phil Ferguson says:

    good call.

  6. Buzz Saw says:

    “Yeah! Because that would be illegal. There is no preference here (wink, wink) so, move along citizen.”

    Careful now! I worry most about this amongst pastors in churches, but not so much on organizations (is that the proper term?) like this. Otherwise, I would have to object to the SCA putting out scorecards, too. Or be a hypocrite.

    On that, if you object to the SCA putting out scorecards, then — good — you are being consistent.

    • Phil Ferguson says:

      Buzz Saw,
      I do not “object” to the SCA putting out scorecards. I do not “object” to christians putting out scorecards.
      What I do object to is score cards that are full of lies. A scorecard should show the results of actual votes or the answers to questions posed. This group made it clear that neither candidate provided such information. The christian coalition then made up untruthful answers that show they had an agenda and want to promote a certain candidate.

  7. Joseph Bonham says:

    Thanks for posting the guide. For socially concerned Christians that are a little more academically inclined than most, this ad is as painful for us as it is laughable for you. I agree, it is pretty shoddy “research”, but I don’t think it is very representative of Christianity per se, just mid-western rural American values, which happen to be overtly religious about many non-religious issues. Looking for neutrality in a covert political campaign “ad” is not really great market research of or expose on theism or Christianity. In the interests of full disclosure I’m a seminary trained Christian, disillusioned with both major political parties.

    • MS says:

      Thanks, Joseph. I completely agree with your comments. In this regard, I think it’s telling that the “voter guide” puts such an emphasis on tax issues (while ignoring other issues, such as helping the poor or disadvantaged, which should arguably be more important to an evangelical Christian. I find this voter guide, and its tendency to dress up Randian, neo-Conservative values in the garb of Christianity, disgusting.

      If you asked yourself, “what would Jesus do?”, I don’t think the answer would be, “permanently eliminate the ‘death tax’. “

  8. Charles says:

    Michelle: You are absolutely right! A real Christian is in love with Christ and does not say “I used to be a Christian.”. it is a “forever relationship”. about the guide, tune in to Fox for the balanced truth. The liars are the popular media.

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