Church Closes Food Bank Because…It Attracts Poor People

Church Closes Food Bank!  I saw this image being shared on the internet.  There is no date so, I thought it had to be a hoax.  They could not be that cruel.  Could they?

Church Closes Food Bank

Sadly, I searched the web and found confirmation.

The Unity Truth Centre on Arlington is standing by its decision to close the food bank that Winnipeg Harvest operated on its property.

…the minister wants her congregation to focus on more “church-like” activities.

What would that be?  Slavery?  Genocide?  If you won’t even give the appearance of helping what good are you?  (psst… none)

Prossen says people in the congregation meant well when they first decided to get involved in the food bank.

But she says the group had been without a minister or leadership for years, and now, it needs to return to more spiritual pursuits.

A group of citizens can do more good than a church.  People do good works not churches.

“I don’t know why it would be hard to understand that we are a church and we must identify ourselves as that in our community.”

Consider yourself identified!

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3 Responses to Church Closes Food Bank Because…It Attracts Poor People

  1. Mary - Canada says:

    Not surprising at all. Churches have always been exclusive social clubs that help ‘their own’, not ‘others’.

  2. Derrick says:

    As a Christian, I am appalled by this so called “minister.” Jesus set the example of living with and caring for the poor. I know from personal experience this is difficult and can be disruptive, but we are called to do difficult, miraculous things, not just the things that make us comfortable and give us warm fuzzies.

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