This Is Not A Conspiracy Review

Hi mom, look at me! I'm tangled in a web of deception!


This is not a review. This is just a weather balloon. Shot on a sound stage inside Tower 7 with Andy Kaufman and the balloon is tracking perfectly normal global climate patterns. Nothing to see here.

Or sometimes a review is just a review and our primate brains interpret it bad. Almost as bad as this metaphor.

This Is Not A Conspiracy is a new documentary series by Kirby Ferguson(no relation) that was Kickstarted back in 2012. According to the old Kickstarter, it’s “a multi-part series that will explain the major ideas, events and human quirks that have shaped where we are right now politically.” This includes some really bad ideas that we fondly know as “conspiracy theories”.

The trailer and website just hit Boing Boing a few days ago.

Did any of you watch that old BBC documentary series The Power of Nightmares? It’s required viewing if you have any interest in the Middle East or nationalism. The Power of Nightmares is also about the fantasies and conspiracy theories we create to explain the world around us — except that The Power of Nightmares was more narrowly focused on the War on Terrorism.

The promo for This Is Not A Conspiracy reminds me a lot of The Power of Nightmares. But the promo so broadly focused, I’m not sure where he’s going to take it. He’s clearly very interested in conspiracy theories and politics, so I’m hoping it’ll be something like Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History.

But it might not. We’ll see.

If Kirby Ferguson looks familiar to you, you’re probably a TED fan. His other video series is Everything is a Remix. He did a short-hand version for TED last year. He’s very, very good at seeing patterns in history, so I have high hopes for This Is Not A Conspiracy.

As soon as he’s done with the series, This Is Not A Conspiracy will be released as a full movie for free, but if you want to follow along, like I do, Kirby Ferguson is charging $15 on the documentary series’ website. (I love this business model. He’s practicing the free culture that he preaches and he’s being paid for his work. Well played.)

As the episodes are released, I’ll review them here. And I’ll keep you posted about any Coast-to-Coast AM/Alex Jones/Glenn Beck/Sam Harris blow back that I hear about, if any. Remember, we don’t actually know the scope of the documentary yet, though I have a strong hunch that whatever we get will be awesome. If you hear of something before I do, leave it in the comments.

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