Dinesh D’Souza Resigns

Dinesh D'Souza ResignsDinesh D’Souza Resigns.  After a blistering rebuke in SkepticMoney.com (and the rest of the web), Dinesh D’Souza resigns his job at King’s College.

NEW YORK — A conservative scholar behind a high-grossing film that condemns President Barack Obama says he resigned as president of an evangelical college in New York so it can move forward.

He did it for the kids!

The evangelical magazine WORLD reported he was engaged to one woman while still married to another. He says leaving the college will allow him to address “personal matters.”

It takes extra time to keep two women happy.

D’Souza directed the political documentary “2016: Obama’s America.” He says he and his wife have been separated since 2010.

Even his wife could not stand him.  Did any rational person actually watch that movie.  I heard it was almost as bad as the one about Islam.

D’Souza took his fiancee to a Christian values conference last month in South Carolina. Organizers confronted him after concluding he shared a hotel room there with his fiancee.

If there is one thing christians are good at – getting involved with your sex life.  It is so great that he gets busted by the very people that support him with payments as high as $10,000 per event.  Events where he explains that by it’s very nature christianity makes you more moral.

The board of The King’s College announced school president Dinesh D’Souza was stepping down immediately following their discussion with him during a marathon meeting to decide his future.

It sounds like the decided!

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  1. We knew about Dinesh D’Souza’s lies and hypocrisy a long time ago. It figures he would be a frequent guest at Fox Fake and Fix “news” and an ex-lover of Ann Coulter – an ugly women, inside and out, who looks like Ted Danson and drag.


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