DJ Grothe On Pink Atheist Podcast

Our very special guest today (10/28/12) at 4PM (eastern US) on The Pink Atheist Podcast is D.J. Grothe!

DJ is the president of the JREF – James Randi Educational Foundation.

The James Randi Educational Foundation was founded in 1996 to help people defend themselves from paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. The JREF offers a still-unclaimed million-dollar reward for anyone who can produce evidence of paranormal abilities under controlled conditions. Through scholarships, workshops, and innovative resources for educators, the JREF works to inspire this investigative spirit in a new generation of critical thinkers.

The JREF does great work helping people think clearly.  Their best program is JREF in the Classroom.  (disclosure:  My company and the the sponsor for this blog Polaris Financial Planning was the first sponsor for this important program.)

JREF Classroom modules are free (usually downloadable) and offer lessons that address areas scientific skepticism, and critical thinking through investigations of paranormal, pseudoscientific, and fringe claims. The activities will be fun, easy to introduce, tailored to one or two class periods, address national educational standards and benchmarks, and offer supplemental resources and media through our website.

If you are a teacher (or know one) you should get some of these great programs and share them with your students.

The first one was… Do you have ESP?

designed to allow students to come to their own conclusions about the validity of ESP claims through the use of carefully designed and controlled experiments. Students will also learn how to accurately evaluate the significance of the results guarding against, experimenter error, bias, and intentional fraud. Students will explore concepts of critical thinking and the scientific process.

DJ Grothe also oversees The Amazing Meeting (TAM) every year.  This is one of the best conventions you will ever go to.  Here is a sample of the speakers from this summers convention.

Julia Galef

Sean Faircloth

Pamela Gay

Brain Dunning

Jennifer Michael Hecht

Lawrence Krauss

Penn & Teller

Eugenie Scott

Paul Prvenza

Benjamin Radford

and of course….

James (the Amazing Randi)!

With a little luck I will see you at the next TAM!

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