FOX News Supports Aslan Interview

faux newsWile I was hoping that the Young Turks commentary on Lauren Green’s idiotic interview was not emblematic of FOX News supporting bias as standard practice, I was wrong. She was just doing her job!

Apparently FOX News sees Lauren Green as right in her approach.

To recap: Shannon Bream, conservative Christian graduate of Liberty University, was speaking with L. Brent Bozell III, a Catholic who runs the conservative Media Research Center, about the ability and validity of someone who is not Christian to fairly discuss the historicity of religion…

Bozell thinks that Aslan’s Muslim faith gives him an inherent ‘bias’ in his ability to write about Jesus. Why? In a nod to Aslan’s choice to write about Jesus as a man, Bozell says that “the Muslim faith believes that Jesus Christ did not have a divine nature.”…

To many conservative Christians, the story of Jesus, laid out in the Gospels, was written exactly and only to affirm Jesus’s divinity. Reading the Gospels are an act of devotion, and maybe of conversion. Adherents have a long tradition of acting out the story of Jesus’s life as a religious exercise. To tell the story of Jesus without reaffirming that he is the Christ is, for many, to miss the point of Jesus’s entire life and death (and resurrection if you’re a believer). That doesn’t mean that conservative Christians are against histories of Jesus as a category of writing. They just have to be done correctly, including with the correct intent. There are plenty of examples of books, popular among conservative Christians, that take an “evidence-based” approach to telling Jesus’s story with the endgame of affirming his theological meaning, like Lee Strobel’s The Case For Christ.

You can only write a history of Christ if you insist he was divine?

It seems to me that one would welcome, as a converse example, a Christian assessment of irreligion because if they did find something supporting irreligion it would more likely be true because it would be working against their confirmation bias.

The entire point of scholastic scholarship is to be objective. Not biased. What FOX reveals is the deep conservative belief that knowledge is a capital good in the knowledge economy. Only one who loves or wants the knowledge product to thrive should advertise or implement it. That’s the capitalist way.

It supports industry bias, lack of government regulation, giving away truth in advertising, and supports might makes right. It’s not important to be fair, honest, equitable but to be right and win.

This assertion that one can’t be unbiased is not a shield to encourage bias. Postmodern liberals see how conservatives take the money and run with “everything is biased.” When the entire point was to destabilize those that were certain they were objective.

The FOX position completely undermines their so-called capitalist philosophy that they want competition to provide a better product as some sort of virtue of selfishness leading to social good–appreciate your competitor because they ensure an improved product. Rather, don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up. Only include knowledge that supports your claim. The product can’t get better.

It panders to the people that want sensationalism, choosing sides, and the fake truth of reality TV called the news.

Yet, Green has support.

And despite dominating the Internet, Green has her defenders. Dr. Marvin Olasky, editor in chief of the evangelical magazine WORLD, said Green should be commended for asking tough questions of Aslan, who Green said has received fawning coverage elsewhere, especially since the controversy erupted.

“She was well-prepared and asked some questions,” he said. “Aslan was claiming a certain pseudo-objectivity, and Lauren was right to call him on it.”

And Kueppers, her friend from Minneapolis, said she could not figure out why Green was getting the attention and not Aslan.

“I think he just tried to drive the whole interview into the ground, wanting to talking about his 20 years of study and his credentials,” she said. “He had all the tricks, and it made it seem as if she wasn’t prepared.”

Not really, he wanted to get on with discussing the book not whether he had the right credentials to write it.

I find it pathetic that he had to even say he had a Phd. FOX judges a book by its author instead of its content.

Jim Newman, bright and well

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  1. Mary - Canada says:

    The scariest thing about this story is the large following that Fox has.

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