God Bless The Westboro Baptist Church!

Yesterday, the Westboro Baptist Church won their case in the Supreme Court.  Albert Snyder sued them for protesting the funeral of his son. 

Snyder’s contention that the demonstrations caused emotional distress, were an invasion of privacy and violated his right to free exercise of religion and peaceful assembly

 The Westboro Baptist Church claimed that it is their right to free speech and The Supreme Court agreed by an 8 to 1 vote.

To uphold the application of state law in these circumstances would punish Westboro for seeking to communicate its views on matters of public concern without proportionately advancing the State’s interest in protecting its citizens against severe emotional harm. Consequently, the First Amendment protects Westboro.
Our modern court system has allowed them to have rights that they would deny to others.  The first amendment is there to protect unpopular ideas.  Remember, some would demand that atheists sit down and keep quiet.

Please understand that I think they are wrong and I wish they would go away but, unlike most Christians the Westboro Baptist Church is willing to stand up for the evil shit in the Bible and not just the nice bits.  By being attention whores they are showing the whole world what it means to be a TRUE CHRISTIAN©.  They show us what the world would be like if Christianity was again in charge.  For our 21st century eyes, it is a little window into the dark ages.  Christianity is not a religion of peace or love.  It is about hate, it is about my God is bigger than your God and like the FFRF holiday sign said,  “Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

I don’t like what Westboro does but, I love that they provide a naked and unashamed example of Christianity.  They are making more atheists then I ever will! 

God bless the Westboro Baptist Church!

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  1. anons says:

    “Christianity is not a religion of peace or love.”

    Christianity isn’t a religion at all 🙂


  2. Phil says:

    @ anons
    Thanks for the link – that was some funny and crazy shit.

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