God Kills Priest By Dropping A Church On Him.

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Ok, let me start with a statement that I am very sorry that this man died.  I wish he was still alive and safe.  What follows is an attempt to make a point about religion and claims of miracles.

What amazes me is how often a tornado, hurricane or earthquake hits an area and destroys buildings and kills people and there is one wall of a church or some cross that is left standing and people point to it and call it a miracle.  Now this time the surrounding building are standing and it is the church that god destroyed.  I kinda doubt we will see this on the news.

A priest was among at least 16 people killed today after the second earthquake to strike northern Italy within nine days caused his church to collapse…

Father Ivo Martini died after he and a firefighter went inside his church in Rovereto di Novi, near Modena, to recover a Virgin Mary statue following this morning’s 5.8 magnitude tremor at 9am.

He go out the first time but went back in to save the virgin Mary.

He perished in a subsequent masonry collapse during one of the four other aftershocks measuring above 4.0 …

Father Martini is believed to have been crushed under a beam. The firefighter escaped.

See god was only after the priest.

His church, Santa Caterina, was one of several religious  buildings that were badly damaged after being weakened by the May 20 earthquake…

Another priest in Carpi is believed to have been rescued from rubble after his church collapsed.

Looks like one got away.

Church after first earthquake.  Note the big crack in the wall.

Church after 2nd earthquake.

  1. Aberingi says:

    Well, God has noting to do with the death po a person following imaginary people in stone form. For sure a rationalist would no have got inside the church after seeing the crack on the wall.

    Jorge, Spain and atheist.

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