Hasidic Newspaper Removes Women From Photos! They Must Not Been Seen!

Posted by Phil Ferguson on May 11th, 2011 – 1 Comment – Posted in Jews

May 9, 2011

Every empty space is a sexy woman – on no…….

  1. Jon B. says:

    I want to be outraged, but I can’t build up enough surprise to do it. I want to scream “How far gone are these Hasidites that they must photoshop pictures of reality to fit their religious beliefs” and then I think about the Christian Creationist literature with all the edited or unsourced quotes and I can’t.

    Can there be some way for free-thinkers to join with more liberal sects to point out that this stuff is all insane? I don’t know. In my religious past, the thought “I’m glad baby jesus hasn’t asked me to live so strictly” would be more likely to go through my head than the more appropriate “I don’t care who your gods are, those actions are harming the rest of us.”

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