Hug An Atheist

The students at the U of I are changing the world!

Today, we at ISSA kicked off what will be a month-long fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society here at the University of Illinois. The idea is simple: pay a dollar, get a hug, and help cure cancer. I can proudly say that we raised over $110 just this afternoon, and we hope to repeat that performance next week, and the next week, and the week after that. We’re going to hug until we can’t hug any more, and then we’ll hug a little more.

 The Mayor of Champaign even stopped by to show his support. He donated, got a hug, and told us all that he “appreciates what we’re doing” and is “glad to see us out there.” Talk about a class act!

If you can’t make it to U of I, you can contact Daniel Hay!  He will will read whatever you want with his cool accent!

Starting today, if you donate money towards this wonderful cause I will, whether in person or via Youtube, say whatever phrase, sentence, paragraph, poem, song lyrics, bedtime stories, or sweet nothings in your ear that you request. My base rate is 1 dollar per sentence you would like spoken, no limits on donation size or submission length. All you have to do is donate to LtN team IlliniSSA-FBB under my name, Daniel Hay (look on the right, under the donate to the team sidebar), and list the phrase you want said and a way to contact you (email preferably) in the comments. Alternatively you can contact me at[email protected]. I made a video… Check it out!

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