I Just Ordered A New Book – The Brick Bible

This book was just banned by a major retailer.  I always love banned books.  You can get your copy here….  It is entire old testament done in Legos.  Perfect for any christian child.

I knew that I must buy it after I read some of the reviews…..

Parents and grandparents: This book is an attempt to *discredit* the Bible
Discredit?  Yeah by showing the bible for what it is.

The author is an atheist and is not up front with the fact that he takes issue with the Bible and his work is intended to discredit the Bible.

The author is and atheist – gasp – run for the hills.

The author carefully omits portions of the Bible to avoid portraying God and the Bible positively while selecting, amplifying and distorting other portions (using citations to attempt to lend a sense of credibility and to slant the view of the reader) to cynically portray God and anyone associated with Him as evil.

Note the Capital “H” in him.

Even the use of warnings for nudity, sexual content, violence and cursing seems intended to discredit the Bible as an obscene and violent work of literature.

It IS an obscene and violent work of literature.

Clearly one would need not warn about nudity in Lego scenes unless certain body parts were intentionally portrayed in an obscene manner.

Dude!  read the stories.  They are obscene!

The author clearly uses the warnings as a veiled device to “warn” readers about the Bible his book portrays – not the Lego scenes.

I’m not even sure what that means!

In short, this book is insidious is that it is misrepresented as a harmless, cute little book that any Christian parent or grandparent would feel safe and even excited to buy for their grandchild when, the truth is, the book is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Caveat emptor.

I can only hope that this book will get more kids to read the bible!

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2 Responses to I Just Ordered A New Book – The Brick Bible

  1. Michelle says:

    This may make the Christmas list. Oh, wait, that just may be ironic too.

  2. Rick says:

    It’s amazing how people pick and choose what they believe out of the bible. If you’re going to be a christian, you can’t deny the fact that the old testament is quite violent.

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