Jewish Students Create Fire Hazard By Leaving Ovens On All Day

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When sophomore English major Danielle Goss kept her oven on Oct. 20 while she wasn’t using it, she wasn’t trying to create a fire hazard — she was trying to cook food while still observing a religious holiday.

Goss and her roommates had been celebrating the Jewish holiday Shemini Atzeret and were following a rule rooted in Jewish tradition that forbids any electric power source to be turned on or off during the holiday.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.  Religion is one of the best ways to get people to do really stupid things.  I pretty sure that humans did not have electricity over 2.000 years ago.

As a result, they had kept their oven on a very low temperature for the day, allowing them to cook when necessary. But after South Campus Commons officials learned of the practice and conducted inspections of every apartment, they turned off more than 35 stoves and ovens that had been left on unattended.

Can you just turn the oven on if it is gas?

“I was really upset because I was supposed to make two different meals that I’d promised my friends I would bring,” Goss said. “And we couldn’t cook in our apartment all of a sudden because once the oven was turned off we couldn’t turn it back on.”

Just eat some damn cereal.  This is so silly.  You can’t turn it on but you can get the food, prepare it, put it in a pan and put in on a burner or open an oven door.  All of that is work!

Officials from Capstone, the company that operates South Campus Commons, and students are now struggling to address the problem.

What struggle?  Just don’t do it.  Duh!

“This practice is just too risky,” Dennis Passarella-George, the Resident Life Department’s assistant director for housing partnerships, said yesterday. “It’s a fire hazard to leave your oven and stove on unattended, and we can’t have that happen.”

Unattended?  Where do they go?  Walking sounds like more work that pushing a button!

The issue began Oct. 19, when a Commons Building 1 resident complained of smelling gas,

WTF!  I thought they were electric.  Leaving gas on is really, really stupid.

according to Capstone’s Commons director, Gina Brasty. Upon investigation, maintenance workers found the source of the problem — an apartment with its oven and stove on, unattended. After turning the appliances off, officials believed they had solved the isolated incident.

However, a routine inspection of kitchen and bathroom floors in the same building the following day found multiple units also had ovens and stoves left on low power while unattended. This was enough to prompt an emergency check of every Commons unit to see how many residents had been leaving these appliances on.

“At that point we were very concerned for the life safety of our residents,” Brasty said. “This threw the entire staff off; we were very concerned and very surprised.”

After discovering the 35 unattended ovens and stoves, Capstone management sent an email to all Commons residents the morning of Oct. 20, reminding them to make sure appliances are turned off when not in use.

But for Jewish students observing the slew of holidays that come every fall, keeping appliances on allows them to cook when they otherwise would not be allowed to.

So… Don’t cook!

“I think what Commons has to understand … is why so many people had their burners on,”

No they don’t.  You cant put others at risk and I don’t care why.

Goss said. “It’s not just people were lazy and didn’t turn their burners off; we had a purpose for it. Most everyone who had their burners on had been doing this for a long time, and I think everyone knows what they’re doing.”

Since the issue arose so suddenly, Resident Life officials began working with Hillel staff members late last week to brainstorm solutions. So far, officials said that little progress has been made but they are actively working toward a solution.

“This is an issue, and we have to manage it,” said Cindy Felice, Resident Life’s South Campus associate director. “There are solutions to it; we just have to find them.”

Yeah – cold food.

“We’re going to have to see how we can educate our residents better,” said Passarella-George. “I don’t know what the answers will be though.”

Education!  Yes, teach them that religion is a scam and we can all move on.

For now, some students said they will continue to leave their stoves on,

Fuck everyone else!  Some old book says I can’t push a button.  Hey?  Is putting out a fire work?

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5 Responses to Jewish Students Create Fire Hazard By Leaving Ovens On All Day

  1. Glasofruix says:

    I find it very silly that someone (be it the imaginary skydaddy or some old perv 2K years ago) would just forbid me me to eat, drink or cook (or even forbids me certain foods/drinks without medical reason). I find no reason to observe such stupid “commandments”

  2. Becca says:

    Wow, it is this is by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while. I wonder if anyone does that here…

  3. Bad Wolf says:

    I read a story a couple of years ago where some Jewish people were disconnecting the automatic light switches in their home, because walking by the switch would cause the light to turn on or off, and THAT constituted work by their definition.

  4. Cat's Staff says:

    The prohibition is against “lighting a fire”. Many orthodox Jews consider starting anything electrical (which might cause a tiny spark when a switch is flipped) to be lighting a fire (and turning it off would extinguishing a fire, which is also forbidden). Some people will use timers, setting the timer before the Shabbat. I noticed that my oven has a safety feature that will turn it off after 24 hours, but you can override it by putting it in to Shabbat mode which will make it never turn off.

    Having things happen automatically is okay. In some places they have Shabbat elevators. The doors open, it waits a minute, the doors close, it goes to the next floor. If you are on the first floor and you want to go to the tenth, it might take a while…but you will not need to push a button.

  5. Neeroc says:

    My fridge has an option to put it into Sabbath mode. This means the light will not come on when the door is opened, and the temperature drop will not immediately cause the fan/compressor to come on, as that would be seen as causing the electrical draw. My stove also has the Sabbath mode to allow it to be left on forever. Such games.

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