Local Minister Steps Down, Says She’s An Atheist

Via WCTV. (Florida)

A methodist pastor in our area says she’s been leading a double life.
She’s been hiding the fact she doesn’t believe in God.

Lake Jackson Methodist has been in Tallahassee for a century. In one hundred years they’ve never had a confirmed atheist pastor–until last week.

“I think it’s a challenge for the church. It’s a challenge for each one of us but it’s not new. Two thousand years ago even Peter denied christ,” said Antonio Fernandez, the district superintendent for the church.

Teresa Macbain resigned from her position as pastor last Friday. She had been Lake Jackson’s pastor for three years. But, Monday of last week she spoke from a different pulpit. She was a suprise guest speaker at the American Atheist Conference.

In a youtube video recording of her speech, she tells the audience,”You were the ones who were going to burn in hell and I’m happy to say, as I stand before you, I’m going to burn with you.”

She revealed that she was a member of the Clergy Project. It’s an online community that aims to be a safe place for clergy members who are secret non-believers.

Macbain wrote a testimonial for the site under the fake name “Lynn.” At the time she had not yet resigned form her duties.

She writes,”Every week I struggle with the fact that I’m lying when I stand before my congregation. I’m leading a double life.”

Fernandez says Macbain was going through difficult times with her family. He thinks it shook her faith.

The church will appoint a new full-time pastor in June. In the meantime, church members will carry out the Sunday services.

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