Muslims Protest Free Speech

Muslims protest free speechMuslims protest free speech by using their freedom of speech.  They decided to protest Google.  Google owns Youtube and has refused to pull down the piece of shit movie sample “Innocence of Muslims”.

Protestors spent four hours outside the internet giant’s headquarters calling for it to take down from YouTube the clip known as Innocence of Muslims, which is said to insult the Prophet Mohammed as a fool and a womaniser.

Is it an insult if you say something that is true?

Organisers said they will hold a “million strong” rally in Hyde Park within weeks unless the film they say is offensive is taken off the internet.

If Google does not give into their demands then they will keep protesting.  FINE!  Let them protest.  They have the right to say what they want – and so do I.

Here is the stupid movie.  The more they protest the more people will watch it.  It now has 17,000,000 views and people have copied and reposed all over the web.  This video will never go away.

(FYI… this video is really, really poorly done)


Khalid Mahmood, a 38-year-old insurance broken from Coventry, said: “This is for all people, from all faiths. We live in an age of mockery. It is essentially out of control.

NO!  We need more mockery!  If your world view cannot take it – then leave it behind.

“We can no longer just stand by, shrug our shoulders and be hurt every day. We are doing this on behalf of everyone. It is the final straw. It is unacceptable.”

Hurt, how are you hurt?  This basically muslims throwing a tantrum – whaaaaaa!

“This is not freedom of expression, there is a limit for that. This insult of the Prophet will not be allowed.”

NO!  There is no limit.  You are wrong!  It is the speech that offends that needs protection.  This may be a critical point in our progress.  Do we bow down to the demands of a religion and forever cower to their demand or do we stand firm and say no!  We value free speech and will fight to protect it.

Do you think I go too far?  Read this…

“Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. The makers of this film have terrorised 1.6 billion people.”

The film is a form or terrorism?  And it has hurt 1.6 billion people?  To equate this movie to actual acts of terrorism show how far they intend to go.

Thankfully, Google is standing strong and we should applaud them for that!

“This video–which is widely available on the Web–is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube.”

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15 Responses to Muslims Protest Free Speech

  1. joe says:

    “Allah is all powerful, all knowing, and all wise, BUT HE CAN’T TAKE CRITICISM!”

  2. Will Ross says:

    People have a right to free speech, yes. But they also have a right to simple, decent respect.

    If you truly want to exercise your right to speak, speak to people, not at them. Understand the basic filters of courtesy that your audience expects and use them.

    I am appalled at the amount of ignorant, crass, self righteous abuse being thrown around like confetti. It isn’t big and it isn’t clever.

  3. Kyle says:

    I just love how the guy with the “freedom of expression go to hell” sign has NO facial expression…i laughed =)

  4. Red the Fister says:

    @Will Ross

    I am an Atheist. my demand for actual evidence of the existence of any god is an insult to the desert revelationist religions. they find my existence to be disrespectful.
    I find them to be insane.
    I am willing to let them live, without attempting to intimidate them into rationality, while many of them wish me and those like me death and eternal torture and many of the theocratic nations have laws to hasten my death at their hands.
    you say that everyone has a “Right to Respect” i say that you are full of shit. maybe we can reach a compromise: everyone who is capable of being a functional member of society has a Right to Earn the Respect of their peers, but no one has a right demand respect via terroristic or quasi-terroristic actions.

  5. zmp says:

    “I am appalled at the amount of ignorant, crass, self righteous abuse being thrown around like confetti. It isn’t big and it isn’t clever.”


  6. Peaspuffi says:

    So now i watched this movie..for the first time ever^^.
    its fucking funny…it’s like the room without tommy…lol so hard i hit my head.
    thanks protesters without you i wouldn’t have now such supidity had existed( is existing?).

    bye the way does somebody remember all the fuss that was made because of this one movie were chirst shaged maria magdalena, but actually didn´t because he had the audacy to imagne a life were his daddy didn’t choose his occupation for him, in advance without asking…(douchbag daddy^^)

    That was a beautiful movie it almost made me think of getting close to christianity until i heard this shit about boombing a movie, that happened

    pp.did not look anything up(meh”do not want to”). Just me and my memories.

  7. Phil Ferguson says:

    “People have a right to free speech, yes. But…”
    NO but. Just free speech. If you want to make another point fine but, it is NOT related to free speech.

    “…they also have a right to simple, decent respect.”
    Is simple, decent respect different from respect? I generally stand by the idea that all people deserve respect but, that is conditional. If they are harming others all respect is lost.

    “If you truly want to exercise your right to speak, speak to people, not at them.”
    Did you have something in mind or are you just throwing out random thoughts. Also, you are again adding a condition to free speech – I cannot accept that.

    “Understand the basic filters of courtesy that your audience expects and use them.”
    Again, I have no Idea what your are referring to. Sure, I get the concept but, does it apply to something you saw here?

    “I am appalled at the amount of ignorant, crass, self righteous abuse being thrown around like confetti. It isn’t big and it isn’t clever.”
    Again with the undefined claims. Completely useless unless you can point to what is crass, ignorant, etc…. Do you care to clarify? Tell us what bugs you and maybe we can learn something or clear up your confusion.

  8. Phil Ferguson says:

    How would he feel if his sign was ruled offensive and he was locked away? He would wish that he had freedom of expression.

  9. Phil Ferguson says:

    The first time I watched it, I was glad that I was not drinking when the first voice dub hit. I would have spit all over the place.

  10. Daniel says:

    “NO! There is no limit. You are wrong!”

    No, YOU are wrong. There ARE limits: You’re not allowed to incite violence, for example, (“You, kill that man!”) and the oft-cited “yelling FIRE in a crowded theater” is also not protected. However, saying offensive things IS protected speech. So I still agree with your larger point, and am of course entirely against any and all blasphemy laws.

  11. Phil Ferguson says:

    Daniel, some good points. I will have to think of a better way to phase my thought.

  12. Rich says:

    People deserve respect, their view aren’t automatically entitled to it.

    Some people really, really, really believe that racism is correct. They would die to further their cause. I don’t respect their position at all, don’t have to and there is no reason why I should withhold criticism so that I don’t hurt their feelings.

    I don’t see what the difference is with the radical Mohammedans. I respect them as people, I find their views and actions and thoughts often ‘distasteful’. They offend me every time
    – they claim the world and Universe is all here for us.
    – they suppress women
    – they jail and punish people for thought crime
    – they deny Evolution, something I ‘believe’ in.
    – they insult science
    – they tell me I’ll burn in Hell Fire.
    – they shoot children
    – behead aid-workers
    – demand the exit of westerners from their muslim lands but don’t exit non-muslim lands themselves.

    The list goes on…. BUT thats OK because they can offend me, it is their right, they can think what they want, be as retarded as they want. That is their freedom of speech under the law of Man. There is no such freedom of speech in Islam.

    Nobody has the right not to be offended. If these people want to say I am a kuffir, OK I can take it; but they are ignorant deluded retards who push a totalitarian, fascist, antiquated, misogynistic, quasi-political religion that has no place in the developed and free world.

    Islam means submission – I will never SUBMIT to Islam.

    Jihad means struggle. A rather famous and genocidal German bloke wrote a book about his struggle for his people. It was called Mein Kampf, My Struggle, My Jihad. I think that we face a threat today as big as we did in 1939.

    I should now point out that I am not worried about ALL muslims anymore than I would have worried about ALL Germans. I just worry about the ones who really, really, really mean it!

    If you faith is strong enough to move mountains, why so scared of a shite film? Grow up!

  13. Bob Loewenthal says:

    Sorry but I don’t respect adults who still believe in a magical man in the sky.

  14. Bob Loewenthal says:

    “Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. The makers of this film have terrorised 1.6 billion people.”

    Maybe these Islamic fanatics should take a clue from themselves, stop blowing up people and start making movies. That may gain them some respect,

  15. atheo-agnostic americanist says:

    Thank you! Exactly.

    I had NO idea that THIS was the thing that caused such a violent and overblown freakout, but clearly this is becoming part of the conservative Muslim’s daily routine after evening prayers but before teaching the new Autistic Militant Division’s Basket-Weaving class, “Jihadin’ Wit’ Wicker! 🙂 ” at the YMCA….yes, in the back room ;(

    When Monty Pythons “Life of Brian” was being made (Which was a fully produced film that was pretty hyped) of course, the more conservative christians and preachers freaked like this and actually had England ban it! but in the US they look kinda silly as they over-reacted which is how the US should of handled this. NOT fear-mongering excuse to show any angry Muslims they could find as we have to deal with Netanyahu, Israel’s right-wing PM and the Republicans circling Obama like Piranhas with OCD.

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