Norman Goldman Reads FFRF Full Page Ad “Time To Quit The Catholic Church” On National Radio

I was listening to the FFRF podcast and they included this 7 minute piece from the Norman Goldman show.

He read the entire full page FFRF ad on his nationally syndicated radio show.

To get the clip to fit withing the blog I had to lower the bit rate and in may only play in one channel but, I wanted you to hear it.



 “In America, true patriots, real Americans, like me and like you believe that people are free to be free from religion and it is way past time that all of these manmade religious institutions get their dirty claws of the law. The law is our property, all of us, and it should not be a weapon by some religion claiming to be god’s will. And it only when fiercely independent people stand up and smack down the bullies are we going to take back our freedom. And right now the roman catholic hierarchy is being a bully. They want to control this country and I say enough. And I’m really glad to see that the Freedom from Religion Foundation has enough money and enough guts to take on the roman catholic church.” – Norman Goldman

Here is the ad.  Click to make it bigger! (and I’m talking stupid big!)

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