Now You Can Edit All Of The Naughty Bits Out Of Your Movies

  As I was driving thru BFE Missouri the other day I listened to several christian radio stations.  It seems like that’s all they have.  One religious station had a show about movies.  They would talk about some cool movies and point out all of the naughty bits that were in them. 

I have kids and I know that not all movies are kid friendly.  Well now there is a way around it.  Its call ClearPlay.  It can make any movie safe.  There are lots of movies to choose from and you can control what is blocked or skipped.  Not sure how you take the violence out of a movie like Zombieland???

Here is what one happy (obsessed) parent had to say….

 I have four children, all in their teens, that I have tried as long as I can to prevent them from hearing or seeing anything that I think will pollute their minds, especially from watching TV. I discourage them even to watch the PG movies. With your invention, I know that we will have more movie selections to watch. I thank you very much, and I pray that God will bless you always for what you have done.

I know – only 4 kids?  All 4 between age 13 an 19.  She does not even want the older ones to see PG movies?  Really?

So…  what do you think?  Is this a good idea?

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One Response to Now You Can Edit All Of The Naughty Bits Out Of Your Movies

  1. Bob S says:

    Smart, simply idea. The movies are going to be horrible and I wouldn’t want to use one, but the market is out there and ClearPlay is exploiting it.

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