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3 Responses to The Phil Ferguson Show

  1. Brad Schaub says:

    Hey Phil. Love the show. I would like to know your opinion on credit unions. Maybe you already discussed this on a prior show. If so, my appogies. Brad from Japan

  2. Paul says:

    Hi phil. I listen to your podcast on Itunes.I would like to here your opnion on Ed Slotts retirement road map on PBS. This is Paul from maryland

  3. Renie Doshier says:

    I listen to your show and enjoy both investing and atheist portions. I’m writing to ask about the new ads touting investing in new marijuana growing or processing companies with $50.00, no marijuana growing or processing knowledge required nor any investment knowledge. Of course it also sounds too good to be true but news releases also call it the new gold rush. What’s your opinion if any?

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