Pastor Kicked Off Of Clay Hill Elementary School Campus

via First Coast News.

More good work by the FFRF.

Complaints led school administrators to push the group off school property, but Pastor Ron Baker, who leads the prayers, pushed back. He relented last week, agreeing to move the small service to property near the school instead of holding it around the school’s flag pole.

Awww… That’s too bad.

Baker said he had originally chosen to lead the prayers around the flag pole as a symbol of U.S. freedoms, including religion. To show their support for Baker’s idea, people wore American flag T-shirts and held flags during today’s short service.

I say we let them meet by the flag again and we plop David Silverman next to the pole.

“I am a little let down that in America you can’t be on school property to pray,” said Baker, who runs Russell Baptist Church in Green Cove Springs.

You can!  The School just can’t support the activity.

Melinda Griffis homeschools her children, but thought it was important to come to the morning prayer to show her support.

So people that have nothing to do with the school are pushing this?

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  1. Darrel says:

    Jesus would be so embarrassed of these hypocrites.

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