Pastors Forces 13 Year Old To Dig His Own Grave

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Authorities in California said they have uncovered a case of incredible cruelty involving a pastor and two members of his church. The three men are allegedly responsible for the physical and psychological abuse of a young boy who prosecutors say was forced to dig his own grave.

christian love???

The Rev. Lonny Lee Remmers, the 54-year-old officiating pastor of the Heart of Worship church in Corona, Calif., has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse.

Sounds like a good start.

The charges filed against Craig and Jeter include one count each of kidnapping, making criminal threats, false imprisonment and assault of a person by force; two counts of assault with a deadly weapon; and three counts of child abuse.

Authorities said they are considering additional charges against the three men.

That’s better

Craig and Jeter are accused of taking a 13-year-old boy, who was living at a group home run by the church, to a secluded area near Barstow on March 18. Once there, the two men forced the boy to dig his own grave with a shovel then get into the grave while threatening to kill him. The men threw dirt on him and beat him with a belt when he tried to climb out, police said.

All three should be locked up.

The following day, the boy was allegedly zip-tied to a chair at the group home and sprayed in the face with Mace, investigators said; the boy was denied treatment for about an hour.


“That same day … Remmers (allegedly took) a pair of pliers to the boy’s nipples while the victim cried and screamed for him to stop,” said John Hall, a spokesman for the County of Riverside District Attorney’s Office.

Ok stop… that’s enough.  Now wait for the response….. they were not TRUE christians.

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