Pink Atheist Podcast

Pink Atheist PodcastPink Atheist – I am delighted to announce that I am joining “The Pink Atheist” podcast.

This podcast is recorded live every Sunday from 3-5 PM (Central).  You can listen live here.

This podcast is new but it is going to be huge.  There are three great hosts:  Jimmy Williamson, Rachel Johnson and Phil Ferguson and we will have wonderful guests every week.  The show will also allow for live callers!  Please join us!

Clear your calender for this Sunday October 14th, 2012 because it is going to be an amazing show.

On the show will be my good friend, Hemant Mehta – The Friendly Atheist.  We will talk about High School students starting Secular clubs.  We will also have on another friend of mine – Lauren Lane.  She will talk about Skepticon!

Skepticon is the largest student organized skeptic and atheist convention held in the United States.  It was co-founded by Missouri State University students Lauren Lane and JT Eberhard.

Then we cover all of the big atheist news story for the week.

Here is the last episode (#7) with Shelly Segal, Tombstone Da Deadman and a whole cast of charecters.

See you Sunday!


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