Prayer Breakfast Victory In Springfield Illinois

We have a prayer breakfast victory in Illinois!  A few weeks ago I was able to break a story about the city sponsored prayer breakfast in Springfield, IL.

Breaking news from the local paper is that we have a Prayer Breakfast Victory!  Several residents and I contacted the FFRF – here is the good news!

A national group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation last week objected to the city of Springfield’s involvement in the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. And Mayor MIKE HOUSTON told me, in response, that, “In the future, an independent group not affiliated with the city will run the event.”

Victory!  If a private group wants to hold a prayer event – fine!  Stupid waste of time but they can do it.  The problem here was the city using public money to promote religion.

“It is grossly illegal and inappropriate for the city to be hosting, organizing, supporting or otherwise promoting a patently religious event,” said REBECCA MARKERT, senior attorney with the nonprofit group based in Madison, Wis. “This practice, which has been recurring for the last 17 years, certainly has the effect of government endorsement of religion.”

Yes it does!  Thank the FSM for the Freedom From Religion Foundation!

The fact that the $20 tickets were being sold at the city Human Relations Department, and that a city website was used to promote the event, add to the improper mix of government and religion, the organization says.

“The city cannot act like a church,” said ANNIE LAURIE GAYLOR, co-president of the group. “It’s not supposed to put on a religious event.” She noted that the Illinois Constitution states that there shouldn’t be “any preference given by law to any religious denomination or mode of worship.”

Great!  You go get em, Annie Laurie!

This year’s event is Tuesday morning at the Hilton Springfield. Last year’s speaker talked a fair amount about Jesus, including how he taught others to love thy neighbor, and how to define thy neighbor in the broadest sense. That story, I will say, came across as a harsh review of some non-followers of Jesus.

Houston said the event was started under Mayor KAREN HASARA. While the city website had a post and reservations could be made through a city department, as has been done in the past, there was “no expenditure of city funds for the event.”

Bull Shit!  You don’t get it.  That web site was not doing government work and it IS paid for by taxes.  Every second spent by city employes promoting religion was covered by taxes.  Under this insane logic the city could send out every city employee to go door to door and convert you – no extra funds were spent.  Hey Springfield, throw this guy out of office!



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3 Responses to Prayer Breakfast Victory In Springfield Illinois

  1. Sunshine Bob says:

    Based on your original story, I too contacted FFRF. It appears that the city of Houston is totally oblivious to the constitution.

  2. Sunshine Bob says:

    Ooops, that should be, Mayor Mike Houston and the city of Springfield

  3. David Bloomberg says:

    Well, we can’t “throw this guy out of office” because he ran under the promise of serving only one term. But it wasn’t really just him anyway — it’s been going on through several different mayors. Glad to see it’s over.

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