Reason In The Rock! More People Than Seats

Reason In The RockReason in the Rock started with one person’s idea.

Could we bring freethinkers in Little Rock together for an event like Skepticon? The idea spread to others in the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers.

Could we pull it off? Where would we host it?

The library of course. It fits our budget. They have this huge room with 150 seats. Would we ever be able to gather 150 Freethinkers together in Little Rock Arkansas. The room holds 215. People laugh you will never fill this room.

Hitchens, spoke in Little Rock once, he filled the room.  It was standing room only. We can hope for half that many. After months of planning and meeting designing logos , shirts and mugs and even painting rocks the chairs are not all reserved. Financial support is secured from the United Coalition of Reason, the James Randi Foundation and American Atheists. The seats are still not full.

A few weeks ago we were able to talk about the event on The Pink Atheist Podcast and just this week we were featured in the Akransas Times.  It was written by David Koon and it is pretty cool.  Check it out…



9:30 a.m. CALS Main Library. Free, but donations accepted.

Out of the way, religious folk! Step aside, and let those who don’t believe in talking snakes and a 6,000-year-old earth have a shot at the microphone! The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers is hosting its first “Reason in the Rock” conference on secular thought and atheism, during which rationality and science are sure to hold sway over superstition. At the top of the bill: “The Thinking Atheist” podcast host Seth Andrews, former Pentecostal preacher-turned-infidel Jerry DeWitt, Texas Chapter of American Atheists president Aron Ra, Skepticon co-founders Lauren Lane and J.T. Eberhard, Arkansas Society of Freethinkers founder Tod Billings and others. Also, please note: Contrary to what many here in the hinterlands might think, the “Reason in the Rock” afterparty won’t include “Rosemary’s Baby”-style cavorting with Satan. Why? Because they don’t believe in him, either. Duh.

After this press release things went crazy!  Registration blossomed and the event, Reason in the Rock, now has more people than seats.  I guess we will need a much bigger space next year!

Get there early if you want a seat!



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